arraybolt3JackFrost: Got a bit of spare time to help a fellow flavor in need?04:10
arraybolt3Currently fighting with Pipewire and could use some help since you just figured out how to do this.04:11
arraybolt3Basically, if I remove Pulseaudio from Lubuntu and install Pipewire, pipewire-pulse, and wireplumber, I get audio and video working, but once I reboot, Firefox becomes extremely unstable. Videos will play for a bit, but it crashes at random during playback or even while just scrolling YouTube.04:12
arraybolt3If I then switch back to Pulseaudio, the issue disappears.04:12
arraybolt3On Xubuntu, Firefox and Pipewire just work. I'm wondering if you did any fancy tricks (perhaps modifying Wireplumber's config?) to make things work, or if there's just an incompatibility somewhere that me and the Lubuntu devs need to work out.04:13
JackFrostarraybolt3: https://github.com/Xubuntu/xubuntu-seed/commit/2a137409b7c3533c59becbc97a776ac7650e7aac is basically what we did.04:32
-ubottu:#xubuntu-devel- Commit 2a13740 in Xubuntu/xubuntu-seed "Switch to pipewire (LP: #1993942) (#47)"04:32
arraybolt3That was it? Just a seed modification?04:32
arraybolt3Grr... that's basically what I'm trying!04:32
arraybolt3What's even weirder is, if I install Lubuntu, then add xubuntu-desktop and switch to Pipewire, it breaks in XFCE too.04:33
arraybolt3So *something* in Lubuntu must be incompatible with Pipewire I guess...04:33

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