lotuspsychjegood morning02:40
cartdrigehttps://archive.org/download/the-unofficial-ubuntu-manual-for-the-man/The_Unofficial_Ubuntu_Manual_for_the_man.pdf here's a cool ubuntu introduction manual.02:51
daftykinshmm, risky title in this day and age02:59
guivercmaybe, but it's uses the official lubuntu.me website, so got a smile from me with that... thanks cartdrige 04:14
Sven_vBhi! :)21:09
Sven_vBI pipe "inotify … | grep …" and after grep finishes, bash still waits for inotify to quit. is there an easy way to avoid this? my idea was to make a shell script grep_kill_input which determines the process ID of whoever has /proc/$$/fd/0 open, and SIGHUP them. however, fuser seems to have a fixed delay at startup, and lsof fails claiming /proc/$$/fd/0 doesn't exist, albeit ls can see it.21:12
Sven_vBor maybe is there a way to have inotifywait watch a directory but only report events for certain file names?21:13
Sven_vBI cannot install watchers on each file directly because I lack permission for that.21:14
cartdrigeHey, anyone knows an interesting/serious link for remote jobs (EU), scripting or data entry / paging/design or whatnot?23:07
gryand you quit soon thereafter23:16
daftykinsmight be a premonition for the job ;)23:20

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