NatSocSiDIt seems like there's an issue with "mainline" as it's not installing the latest kernel for over 1 month and half00:46
guivercthere were/are issues with kernel 6.0 for lunar in some environments which is why lunar still has 5.19; i forget specifics though currently (reply on UF I think mentioned it, but heading out so can't look for reason currently NatSocSiD)01:39
JanCyou are running a development version, remember?02:21
arraybolt3[m]I haven't noticed any kind of kernel update, not even an update to 5.19.08:57
arraybolt3[m](re: earlier thing about newer kernel not being installed)08:58
arraybolt3[m]Makes me a bit nervous about security concerns. Ubuntu does patch security bugs in the development release's kernel, right?08:58
kc2bezarraybolt3[m]: the same patches that get applied in the other series using the kernel would be applied to the development release. 10:04
kc2bezKernel version jumps only happen a few times at most for the development release from what I have observed with a big jump at the end of the cycle. 10:06
ograNatSocSiD, mainline kernels are soley for verifying bugfixes, are lacking a lot of security patches, do not run the correct ubuntu config and are on purpose not using a metapackage o keep them updated after install (since they should never ever be used in production) ...11:48
ograNatSocSiD, since they are just a "best effort" side project of the kernel team, build failures of these test kernels are not treated with high priority ... once someone finds time or needs a certain version for bug verification issues, the builds wil likely be fixed11:49

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