g4mbitJanC cool thanks, I'm giving this config a shot: https://bpa.st/TSPVI00:05
JanCI've never done that myself  :)00:08
JanCI use the client-side equivalent of it though00:09
g4mbitJanC like an authenticator app you mean?00:21
JanCno, I mean the client side equivalent of changing configuration based on certain matched parameters00:23
JanCe.g. allowing certain deprecated encryption algorithms to connect to an old NAS only, or setting up port forwarding to a database server so that I can connect to the remote database "locally"00:26
g4mbitoh ok got it 00:27
JanCchanging authentication methods is just another thing to change00:27
g4mbitI'm still debating if I want to enable it, which will require me to have to remember to take this key anywhere I go00:28
g4mbitseems like yet another item I could forget to take 00:28
g4mbitphones to me seem so much natural since you already carry them anyway 00:29
g4mbitI'm considering using OTP instead with like google authenticator00:31
JanCyou could also make it that one method always works and another method only works from LAN, or whatever00:32
JanCif necessary, using multiple daemons00:33
g4mbitcool, will think about it since like would be nice to use yubikey but without having to remember to take it everywhere lol00:36
robertparkerxif I upgrade ubuntu to 22.04 LTS will it keep my settings for things like apache2, varnish, etc. ?04:21
robertparkerxI understand the versions might change04:25
Exterminadorrobertparkerx: when upgrading, all your current packages will be upgraded also, exception for third party PPAs. be aware, that for example, wordpress doesn't have yet (AFAIK) total support for PHP 8.106:47
Exterminadorrobertparkerx: if you want to keep all your PPAs (exception goes for those that are deprecated/unsupported), you need to: `RELEASE_UPGRADER_ALLOW_THIRD_PARTY=1 do-release-upgrade`06:51
Exterminadoronce again, you may still see a warning about third party sources being disabled on upgrade, but those that support the Ubuntu version to which you're upgrading will not be disabled06:53
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ArlionI have a hypervisor running CentOS 7, all patches vs ubuntu 20. The hypervisor is running Ubuntu 20.04. The CentOS 7 kvm hosted vm is only able to 66% cpu utilization during stress test. Where the other guests are able to 100% cpu utilization. Any ideas. I confirmed the kvm params are identical to both guests. 14:57
ArlionI'm starting to think maybe there is a legacy param i need to enable to fully support the older operating system.14:57
ArlionAny ideas?14:57
ahasenackare you using virtio drivers?15:00
ahasenackin the guest15:01
Arlionconfirmed, the centos 7 image is using virtio drivers15:09
pvh_saHi folks... I had a power cut here recently and after it one of my servers didn't come up right. This is a ubuntu 18.04 (upgraded from 16.04) that uses two Intel SSDSC2BB08 80 GB SSDs in RAID-1 as the boot drive17:26
tomreynhi pvh_sa. if you're looking for assistence with this (not just sharing an experience), more details will be needed, such as ... what does "didn't come up right" mean.17:28
pvh_saon the machine that fails it complains that it cannot find /dev/md* - one an identical machine that works, /proc/mdstat shows a container md with two mds - OS and SWAP - see here: https://gist.github.com/pvanheus/a9f7f17e47d89fb8c7bccdcd7b20713f17:28
pvh_saboth the working machine and the failed machine seem to have the same kind of md config - mdadmn (on the not-working machine running from a rescue boot disk) shows a metadata=imsm container with two drives like this https://gist.github.com/pvanheus/fef691a08cf24561780a02d32ad1dd0f17:30
pvh_sasorry @tomreyn - was still typing - nearly done with the description17:30
tomreyni noticed i was asking too quickly :) keep going...17:30
pvh_sathe two component drives are /dev/sda and /dev/sdb - and mdadm --examine shows them have two subarrays - https://gist.github.com/pvanheus/e675d1d39ab5befc1f5aee640c00d5fb - so far, so good, right? but when I create (in the rescue boot) a /etc/mdadm.conf with DEVICE lines for /dev/sda and /dev/sdb and the ARRAY config as output put mdadmin --examine --scan, and I try and activate it with mdadm -As --auto=yes --run -v, it says that it cannot find a RAID 17:34
pvh_sasuperblock on any of /dev/sda or /dev/sdb17:34
tomreynpersonally i won't be able to help because i lack experience with IMSM meta data raid.17:34
pvh_sacan't cut and paste that but image of the log is here https://pasteboard.co/C8TJTp0bgDnf.png17:35
pvh_sa(kernel on the failed machine is 4.15 - I'm using a rescue boot with kernel 5.15 to examine things)17:36
pvh_sathanks @tomreyn - I think this was the default config back in the day when the machines were set up but seems to not be a common config these days :| certainly googling isn't yielding much17:36
tomreyn"The second format is the Intel(r) Matrix Storage Manager metadata format." ...17:38
tomreynYou're storing the important metadata on the mainboard, the data itselfg (which can only be accessed with the metadata) on the disks. meaning you have a double hardware dependency. is that a good idea?17:39
tomreynmaybe that's not the right time to ask this question, but you should ask it once your data is accessible again17:41
pvh_sathe metadata is on the mainboard? wow. ok... that actually gives me a clue of where to look. the problem might well not be in the OS level then17:42
pvh_saok... `mdadm --detail-platform` shows something different on the working server vs the non-working one. going to check in BIOS to see if I can see anything17:48
pvh_saand checking the BIOS the working machine has SATA set to RAID mode and the not working one has it on AHCI - I wonder if the BIOS battery failed and settings got reset to default17:59
tomreynat least on consumer boards you'd usually see it default to RAID mode (and would probably want to change that to AHCI to prevent the issue discussed above)18:01
pvh_sayeah this is a Supermicro server board - just rebooting it with that setting changed and it booted! thank you so much for the tip!! going to write this up in our Confluence 18:07
tomreynand while you're at it, reconsider this setup ;)18:09
pvh_saoh absolutely! btw it also came up with /dev/sdX names changed.. and the (legacy) ceph config I've got on here is thus all full of incorrect and broken symlinks18:11
pvh_sa(and we're into one of our regular power cut slots (luckily the server room generator is holding this time) so I think this is a good signal to take a break and watch some TV)18:13
pvh_sathanks once again18:13
tomreynheh, you're welcome, enjoy your tv night.19:06

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