zxmpisoylent sausage is made of people :-) https://mastodonapp.uk/@PaulSchleifer/10955738729726408613:11
* penguin42 considers a https://www.gpcind.co.uk/climb-it-folding-work-platforms - anyone use anything similar?23:34
daftykinshmm nope, what's the mission?23:35
penguin42well I generally dont like ladders, and I seem to have just inherited a whole bunch of things that need doing at ceiling height23:35
daftykinsah ha23:36
penguin42things like refitting glass bathroom light fittings with screws in the *wrong* place, and looking at the leak that's just started in my other shower23:41
penguin42(which appears to be simply due to a screw coming out of a clip holding the waste pipe and now meaning the waste pipe joint is slightly out)23:42
daftykinsruh roh!23:51
daftykinshomes are pretty pesky things, really23:51
penguin42it sure is picking it's timing as well23:53
daftykinsc'est la vie :( 23:54
daftykinsthis is much like the cat being sick when work gets busy23:54
penguin42with less vie23:57

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