MooncairnI installed the latest version straight from the development team, and of course debugging was compiled into it.02:15
MooncairnFortunately, Debian unstable now has the latest version with debugging compiled out.02:15
MooncairnI only had to download another 3 or 4 dependencies from Debian to get it to install because Ubuntu doesn't have them.02:16
MooncairnNo more spurious log messages, though. :-)02:17
MooncairnIn Firefox (snap) I tried saving files to /tmp and they're not there. I'm assuming Firefox's /tmp got sandboxed somewhere, but where?03:49
MooncairnFound it. Had to sequentially run `find . -name $FILENAME` on /home then /tmp. It had root permissions. I had used sudo to ls that directory once before and hadn't seen anything.03:56
MooncairnNext time had to sudo into a root shell and then go poking around.03:57
cmaloneyI hate snaps for that reason04:24
cmaloneyamong others04:24

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