KendiCan someone help me on how to mount disk with no partitions?08:41
Kendi  - label: postgresql1508:41
Kendi    filesystem: ext408:41
Kendi    device: '/dev/sdb'08:41
Kendi    partition: none08:41
Kendi  - [ sdb, /var/lib/postgresql/15, "auto", "defaults", "0", "0"]08:41
KendiThis will still create entry in fstab with /dev/sdb1 and it will fail to mount08:41
waldi"fail to mount"?08:45
Kendi2022-12-23 08:32:41,433 - cc_disk_setup.py[DEBUG]: Creating file system containerd on /dev/sdb08:48
Kendi2022-12-23 08:32:41,433 - cc_disk_setup.py[DEBUG]:      Using cmd: ['/usr/sbin/mkfs.ext4', '/dev/sdb', '-L', 'containerd', '-F']08:48
Kendi2022-12-23 08:32:41,433 - subp.py[DEBUG]: Running command ['/usr/sbin/mkfs.ext4', '/dev/sdb', '-L', 'containerd', '-F'] with allowed return codes [0] (shell=False, capture=True)08:48
Kendi2022-12-23 08:32:42,574 - util.py[DEBUG]: Creating fs for /dev/sdb took 1.166 seconds08:48
Kendi2022-12-23 08:32:42,577 - cc_mounts.py[DEBUG]: mounts configuration is [['/dev/sdb', '/var/lib/containerd', 'auto', 'defaults', '0', '0']]08:48
Kendi2022-12-23 08:32:42,577 - cc_mounts.py[DEBUG]: Attempting to determine the real name of /dev/sdb08:48
Kendi2022-12-23 08:32:42,578 - cc_mounts.py[DEBUG]: changed /dev/sdb => /dev/sdb108:48
Kendi2022-12-23 08:32:42,581 - cc_mounts.py[DEBUG]: Changes to fstab: ['+ /dev/sdb1 /var/lib/containerd auto defaults,comment=cloudconfig 0 0']08:48
KendiStderr: mount: /var/lib/containerd: special device /dev/sdb1 does not exist.08:48
meenaattempting to determine the real name of /dev/sdb seems to be too smart for its own good12:23
waldiit always adds a partition then12:26
meenahttps://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/blob/040090a31f483014ec78cd353bb55bfae121bebd/cloudinit/config/cc_mounts.py#L198-L206 12:33
tie__Hey guys, I need to retrieve tags for an instance in EC2, and the "best" way that I'm finding is to explicitly query the metadata URL. Other details (such as the region and the instance_id), I can get through `cloud-init query`, but not the tags. Am I missing anything - does the `cloud-init query` CLI really lack access to tags?20:33
minimaltie__: have you tried curl'ing the metadata URLs directly?21:23

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