gryhello dunpeal, daftykins02:22
lotuspsychjegood morning02:39
gryhi lotuspsychje02:40
lotuspsychjehey there gry 02:40
cartdrigeI wonder what is the most favorite app and game of all the Ubuntu users.02:42
cartdrige(from the packaged ones)02:42
cartdrige1 app and 1 game, what yours lotuspsychje ?02:42
gryssh client as app02:42
leftyfbdefinitely ssh02:43
cartdrigereally? you must be hardcore admin gry :P02:43
gryi like it because i can ssh to various servers and edit various websites; self hosting them on my laptop is entirely possible, but i am behind a firewall02:43
leftyfbtunnels, reverse tunnels, forwarding ports, sshuttle, etc02:44
cartdrigebut i was thinking about a real app! lol, just kidding, desktop app. For me it's gimp.02:45
lotuspsychjethis is what i always install on mine, and customer boxes; sudo apt install vlc preload haveged stacer gnome-tweaks02:47
lotuspsychjei really like falkon browser too, for lightweight turbo lookups02:51
cartdrigeYeah, epiphany's not bad either, mine got an Android look here02:52
cartdrigeAnd my favorite game would be armagetron ad with frozen bubble inside. :P02:52
lotuspsychjesupertux is funny02:53
cartdrigecause Freedoom cannot get into competition since it was not created as FOSS from the start.02:53
cartdrigeThat's the sliding penguin right?02:53
cartdrigeor a race with tux maybe, i can't remember02:53
cartdrigeOh it's a side scroller.02:54
lotuspsychjemario bros clone02:55
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matt3ubuntu = ?18:31
matt3a definition ... ;)18:33

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