MooncairnCould someone recommend a music player?00:30
cmaloneyI can but it's incredibly over-engineered00:31
cmaloneyLogitech Media Server w/ Squeezelite00:31
cmaloneybut it literally does everything I want in a music player00:31
cmaloneythat and MusicBrainz Picard for library management00:31
MooncairnDo you run that on a server?00:33
MooncairnOk, never mind. You're right. Over-engineered.00:39
MooncairnI wish Linux had better music player options that don't rely on stuff like LMS.00:39
MooncairnI prefer Clementine, but it's buggy when dealing with WMA files (throws a decode error).00:40
MooncairnMost other players I've tried are missing functionality I need or are difficult to use.00:40
MooncairnCantata *might* be something I can deal with, but right now it's barfing on MP3 files and I don't know why.00:41
jrwrenWMA files?!?!01:20
jrwrendoes MSFT even make tools to create those these days?01:20
MooncairnI don't remember how long ago I did that. AFAIK, there's only one or two albums I did in that format, mostly because I was being lazy and a Windows machine was the only thing handy at the time.01:21
MooncairnI'll have to dig up the actual CDs and re-rip them.01:22
MooncairnBeen meaning to re-rip everything into FLAC that I hadn't done in the first place.01:22
MooncairnI'll just pile that on top of the mountain of tasks I need to do.01:22
MooncairnMy music collection is a hodge podge of things going back 25 years.01:23
MooncairnOk wow, it *is* only one disc.01:30
MooncairnOkay, I'll see if I can hunt it down tonight.01:32
MooncairnRight after I experiment w/ Clementine a bit and see if I can find other file formats it's barfing on.01:32
MooncairnIIRC, Clementine was having problems with more than that one album back when I was using KDE.01:35
MooncairnNever mind, I'm way overthinking things and yet not thinking enough. I'll deal with one album at a time as Clementine barfs on them.01:37
greg-gI've gone through a lot of different systems for music from all local to even doing the 30 free trial of spotify. I'm currently doing the PlexAmp thing (and thus Plex for movies/tv) via a Synology NAS. I use EasyTag because I'm particular.01:39
greg-g(I did the Logitech squeeze box via a synology before, which was really a good option for loving room use which I don't have a great answer for that right now because I hate turning the TV on, and I don't have a decent stereo there anyway, which isn't the squeezbox's fault, of course).01:43
jrwrennavidrome is pretty great.01:45
cmaloneyYeah, and the hardware players are getting pretty scarce again01:45
cmaloneyActually, that's not bad for !45001:46
jrwrenkinda a bummer that rpi doesn't have a better analog codec01:59

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