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dsudds1963@pleia2 (It's Dwayne) I'm back running linux as a daily driver!  just thought you might like to know. :) 17:02
pleia2dsudds1963: hooray! Nice to see you :)17:03
dsudds1963Nice to see you as well...hope your trip is going well. :) 17:03
dsudds1963@pleia2 I know part of it was for sad reasons...  also wanted to let you know I'm studying for my LPI Linux Essentials and probably will go after LPIC 1 as well.17:05
pleia2thanks :) nice!!17:13
dsudds1963You're quite welcome...enjoy the holiday (even though it's FREEZING out here..)17:16
pleia2you too! It just started snowing here17:27
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