daftykinsi found mince pies at last \o/ Marks and Spencer are the saviours17:01
daftykinshappy holidays everyone :) 17:01
zxmpihappy holliers \o/17:03
zxmpimarks and sparks when you positively have to pay top penny to have it in stock :-)17:04
daftykinsindeed! tree-fiddy a box17:04
zxmpipretty much everywhere here is shutting at 1800. now is the time the more adventorous being their crimbo shopping.17:05
zxmpileaving out cigarettes, matches, booze, crisps, and batteries till the last second. because it will give them something to do for next 2 days17:05
zxmpi*begin their17:08
zxmpioh, and bread and milk as none of those will be required in the next 2 days whatsoever17:19
penguin42we have plenty of those in the freezer17:59
zxmpione milk cube or two? :-P20:42
penguin42zxmpi: I've got fairly into the habit of getting a 2pint bottle out of the freezer when I open the previous one21:33
penguin42but yes, sometimes I hav ehad to break a chunk up - we started doing it at the start of lockdown and haven't stopped21:33
zxmpii just use powdered milk :-)21:34
penguin42I'd love to be able to send you the 4 tins I have in the cupboard that we no longer use21:37
zxmpi2 i have should see me to end of next year21:38
daftykinsi don't use milk!21:39
penguin42do you do nasty things to nuts instead?21:42
daftykinsmany cashews have laid down their lives at dafty HQ, that's for sure21:43
daftykinsblack coffee at home, the odd latte here and there (read: many) from nearby coffee chains would be almond, coconut or oat yeah :)21:44
zxmpiwon't someone think of the oat milkers!!21:45
daftykinsah feels good, i had a nice session breaking down boxes and tidying a lot of junk that was occupying space up in my home-office21:46
daftykinsin addition to taking care of the cat's litter tray and washing up, almost time to cook again though :(21:46
zxmpidon't get any of those mixed up :-D21:50
daftykinsreminds me of that recent(maybe) trend of people cooking treats, putting them into a litter tray and eating from it to horrify family21:52

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