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arraybolt3[m]Opinion - tmux is a type of tiling window manager.04:32
arraybolt3And it's awesome btw.04:33
daftykinsi thought it was a terminal multiplexer04:34
arraybolt3Same thing, right?04:48
arraybolt3I mean yeah it's a multiplexer, but all a true tiling window manager is, is a GUI multiplexer.04:48
arraybolt39Really that's all any WM is.04:48
arraybolt3s/9/(/, s//)/04:49
daftykinsi don't think so04:50
arraybolt3Well how do you define a terminal multiplexer?04:59
arraybolt3tmux only supports terminals and text mode apps, but otherwise it's similar to a WM IMO.]05:00
daftykinseyes officially rolled05:14
lotuspsychjemerry xmas to all ubuntu crew 07:22
arraybolt3Merry Christmas!09:05

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