JackFrostarraybolt3: Why not?  I have a coat, wanted to take a picture of a house with a lot of lights.  They were off the last time I went past.01:50
arraybolt3Why not... hmm... frostbite, cold, flu, COVID, hypothermia, freezing to death, let's see how many more reasons I can think of...01:51
arraybolt3Let's stop there, it gets quickly more morbid from that point :P01:52
arraybolt3(Yesterday morning, I let my dog go outside in the snow. We have a nearby spring of water, and he decided to go get a drink... and a swim apparently!... and came back with little bits of ice all over himself. Thank goodness for a good fireplace and space heaters!)01:54
JackFrostWell, I was upset I didn't even need to break out my warm coat last year, so it's more an excuse than anything else.  Keep in mind my nick is very fitting.01:54
arraybolt3lol I personally hate cold in all forms. I can cope well enough with the burning heat of summer even without an AC, but the biting cold is something my system despises sometimes.01:55
arraybolt3(OK so I hate cold in all forms when it's not burning hot - then I love the AC, though only in moderation, otherwise I get too cold even then!)01:56
arraybolt3Maybe my body temperature is low or something. Dunno. I used to love going out and playing with snow as a child. That wore off pretty quickly once I had to take care of farm animals through the winter. :D01:57
JackFrostGot down to 60F inside too.  With my coat on I didn't feel the wind even, got a little sweaty.  My jeans did nearly nothing against the cold though.01:57
JackFrostMy sister on the other hand is an ER nurse, and she's bummed she can't go out and play in the snow due to a broken ankle.01:58
arraybolt3I had not one but two coats out in just ye-old 17F and was still chilly.01:58
arraybolt3Oh no!01:58
JackFrost(Point being she's above the age of 30, an adult, but bummed about being able to play in it.)01:58
arraybolt3I don't think playing in snow is something people should ever get tired of unless they're like me and hate cold. Shoot, even though I was annoyed at having to be outside in the cold, I still went ahead and built a mountain of snow which I proceeded to compact down and then throw like a giant snowball. And I'm around 20.02:00
JackFrost(I would have done more, but I've got a bit of a cold and am tired.)02:00
arraybolt3That sounds crummy. Get well soon!02:00
JackFrostEh, it's mild.  But thanks.  I should likely not mention I was considering going out for a walk?  Note, I don't really enjoy them that much or anything, just they're supposed to be good for you..02:02
arraybolt3lol I'm not you, if you take walks in the cold, that's your option. I eat salmon+salsa+dill relish salad and enjoy it.02:03
JackFrostMerry Christmas!06:05
arraybolt3JackFrost: <309:28
arraybolt3(Why do we use that emoticon for "heart" when it looks more like a melting ice cream cone...)09:28

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