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maxzor_Hello, do you know about the OVH service provider?18:55
maxzor_I rent to them a VPS. They use cloud-init for their VMs that they rent as VPS, can I make a cross-reboot config from within the VM?18:56
maxzor_I'm on debian 11 and their tutorial seems wrong to me https://docs.ovh.com/fr/vps/configurer-ipv6/18:57
minimalmaxzor~_: are you using OVH's Bare Metal Cloud?19:51
minimalmaxzor_: ^^^19:54
maxzor_minimal, no I am on a VPS Virtual Private Server on their Cloud19:54
minimalok, and what cloud-init DataSource does that use?19:54
maxzor_minimal, you already lost me ':). There is a /var/lib/cloud/instance/ directory with user data and things19:55
maxzor_I have no clue19:55
minimalwhat exactly are you trying to do?19:56
maxzor_I am trying to disable the ipv4 interface and enable a 6. (while knowing virtually nothing about interfaces and ip tables and networks)19:56
minimalwell assuming the VPS is using OpenStack as the cloud-init DataSource then OVH's infrastructure will be providing a ConfigDrive to cloud-init which tells it the network config to use19:57
minimalcloud-init will then set up the /etc/network/interfaces file in Debian based on that information19:58
maxzor_yes /etc/network/interfaces.d/50-cloud-init which cats : http://ix.io/4jDk20:00
minimaldid you check /var/log/cloud-init.log to see if it obtained configuration information ok from OVH?20:02
maxzor_they enabled debug info so it's verbose but I don't see any error in there20:06
minimalmaxzor_: I didn't ask about errors, I asked about whether it shows cloud-init obtaining configuration information from OVh (via ConfigDrive)20:06
maxzor_I guess I'm confused by the 50-cloud-init prose which says "will not persist across an instance reboot", but I believe that in fact it's setup once-per-instance20:06
minimalthat "prose~" refers to the fact that if you manually modify that file then any such changes would be potentially "lost" later20:08
minimalis this Debian image an official OVH one?20:09
maxzor_looks like the VPS is under qemu supervision, and I don't find ConfigDrive in the logs, only lines with CloudConfigPartHandler 20:10
maxzor_yes this deb11 was installed by ovh20:11
maxzor_the log http://ix.io/4jDo20:12
minimalso it is configured to use Openstack as the DataSource as expected, as can be seen in the line:20:15
minimalLooking for data source in: ['OpenStack', 'None']20:16
minimalhowever it doesn't actually seem to be looking for am Openstack ConfigDrive20:17
minimalah, its using the Openstack metadata server instead20:18
minimalthe line:20:18
minimalopen ''20:18
minimaland one of the URLs it fetchs is
minimalso it is getting the network config info from the OVH metadata server20:19
minimalDataSourceOpenStack.py[DEBUG]: network_config provided via network_json20:23
minimaland the network config it was told to use, line:20:23
minimalapplying net config names for {'version': 1, 'config': .........20:23
minimalso it is told to setup DHCP for IPv4 on ens3 and no IPv6 setup20:24
minimalso the resultant /etc/network/interface file matches what OVH told cloud-init to do20:24
minimalmaxzor_: do you have access to the OVHcloud Manager? if you look there at this VPS' info it should show any IPv4 and/or IPv6 addresses allocated to it20:32
maxzor_minimal, very nice insights, thank you20:53
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maxzor[m]@minimal this is my OVH manager info20:56
* maxzor[m] uploaded an image: (44KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/NlUlXIvPzMQbVCrZZlWncpGg/image.png >20:57
maxzor[m]but somehow the ipv6 on ens3 is different in the VM 20:57
waldiyou mean: unconfigured. there is not global ipv6 on ens320:57
waldiand the page you showed clearly tells: ipv6 needs to be configure manually20:58
waldi"Si vous devez configurer l'IPv6, vous devez le faire manuellement sur votre système."20:59
* maxzor[m] uploaded an image: (29KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/oMCnEMifJUdOceEELfOJEVom/image.png >20:59
waldi(also debian 11, at least if it is configured the way debian does, is not properly supporting cloud-init network config at all)21:00
waldimaxzor[m]: and now rename that fike to *.conf21:00
maxzor[m]true^ so I followed the tutorial, filled this config file, and now systemd fails to raise the networking service. But now this is not related to cloud-init at all anymore21:00
waldithen why is this file called "cloud-init", if it does not have anything to do with cloud-init?21:01
waldiah, because they tell you to use that name, wow21:01
maxzor_I suspect that they hired an average intern at OVH to write this tutorial : https://docs.ovh.com/fr/vps/configurer-ipv6/21:02
maxzor_I think I will write them a mail to ask ipv6 to be a first-class citizen directly from their cloud-init meta server21:02
maxzor_This is somewhat peculiar for the best french cloud provider oO21:03
waldithat does not help, as debian disables network config. they need SLAAC, either stand alone or with dhcpv621:03
maxzor[m]waldi: precisely ':)21:03
waldido they proivision multiple systems per /64? because the address ends not in a nice number21:04
minimalI am surprise that it seems to be using dhcpv4 to get the IPv6 address when their metadata server could specify the IPv4 address esplicitly21:33
minimalI am also surprised that their manager page does not indicate netmasks for either ~Ipv4 or IPv6 addresses21:34
minimalthough they seem to be using a /32 for IPv421:34
minimaland they're using /128 for IPv6 it seems21:35
minimalmaxzor_: what are the contents of the /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/01_debian_cloud.cfg and /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/00_debian.cfg files?21:38
maxzor[m]<minimal> "maxzor_: what are the contents..." <- 01: manage_etc_hosts: true | 00: syslog_fix_perms: root:adm21:55
maxzor[m]mount_default_fields: [~, ~, 'auto', 'defaults,nofail', '0', '2']21:55
maxzor[m]<waldi> "do they proivision multiple..." <- I don't know21:59
minimalwaldi: not sure what you mean by "debian disables network config"22:29
minimalOVH's metadata server should be able to indicate static IPv6 or DHCPv6, or SLAAC to cloud-init22:29

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