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user|69Hello Kubuntu !!  I am a new user that is trying to escape Widnows . . .10:53
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)10:54
user|69I have istalled Kubuntu 22.04 LST . . . there are some errors when booting . . . hi ubottu10:55
user|69how can i show you my boot log?10:55
diogenes_Vx15user|69: yep, show us the logs.10:58
user|69hi diogenes, how do i show you the logs?10:59
diogenes_Vx15user|69: dmesg | nc termbin.com 999910:59
user|69cut and paste here?10:59
diogenes_Vx15share the url you get10:59
diogenes_Vx15don't cut and paste here.10:59
user|69ok trying . . .11:00
user|69hydnum@Pickle:~$ dmesg | nc termbin.com 999911:02
user|69dmesg: read kernel buffer failed: Operation not permitted11:02
user|69? . . . some permissions needed?11:02
diogenes_Vx15user|69: ok run: sudo dmesg | nc termbin.com 999911:03
user|69ydnum@Pickle:~$ sudo dmesg | nc termbin.com 999911:04
user|69I am super suprised by your fast help! wow . . . happy to leave windows 10 . . . Thank you for all your help8)11:07
diogenes_Vx15user|69: let's filter the utput a bit, run: sudo dmesg | grep -i firmware | nc termbin.com 999911:08
diogenes_Vx15btw is it a real PC or irtual machine?11:08
user|69ok boss . . .yes is a real PC ASUS laptop11:09
user|69hydnum@Pickle:~$ sudo dmesg | grep -i firmware | nc termbin.com 999911:11
diogenes_Vx15user|69: share the url11:11
user|69the command is not returning a URL  (?)11:12
diogenes_Vx15user|69: ok run just: sudo dmesg | grep -i firmware11:12
diogenes_Vx15did it show anything?11:13
user|69no, just returns a shown above . .11:13
diogenes_Vx15i see, do you remember what error messages, any word from those messages?11:14
oerheks [sda] tag#6 Add. Sense: Unrecovered read error - auto reallocate failed .. sounds like a bad disk11:14
user|69after the boot erros . . .  Kubuntu loads anyway . . . i am using it now, my new Kubuntu to talk to you .. . everything looks normal!11:17
user|69I have 2 hard disks sda and sdb.  Windows 10 is in sda and Kubutu in sdb . . .11:19
diogenes_Vx15user|69: how old is the laptop?11:19
user|69Windows is having some problems . . . its very very slow . . . could that be the reason for the error messages?11:20
user|69laptop is from 2012 more or less . . . 10 years old11:20
diogenes_Vx15user|69: just try to cach some of those messages what it reads and then we can discuss11:21
diogenes_Vx15but even so, if everything works normally then there's no need to worry about.11:21
user|69to be honest i installed Kubuntu a month ago and it has been working fine until yesterday when it was not booting any longer.  I had to reinstall Kubuntu this morning.  I am worried that it will happen again because those error messages at boot time.11:24
diogenes_Vx15user|69: then yes. most lilely your drive is about to fails, i suggest you backup all your data.11:25
user|69before i buy a new disk driver . . . are you sure i have a bad hard disk?  which one sda or sdb?11:26
diogenes_Vx15user|69: we can test it.11:28
user|69i have nothing important yet in sdb (Kubuntu)  . . . no need to backup  . . . i think11:28
user|69ok how do i test?11:28
diogenes_Vx15user|69: sudo apt install smartmontools11:33
user|69ok  . . . wait please11:34
diogenes_Vx15after that run: sudo smartctl -H /dev/sda11:34
diogenes_Vx15sudo smartctl -H /dev/sdb11:34
user|69hydnum@Pickle:~$ sudo smartctl -H /dev/sda11:37
user|69smartctl 7.2 2020-12-30 r5155 [x86_64-linux-5.15.0-56-generic] (local build)11:37
user|69Copyright (C) 2002-20, Bruce Allen, Christian Franke, www.smartmontools.org11:37
user|69SMART overall-health self-assessment test result: PASSED11:37
user|69hydnum@Pickle:~$ sudo smartctl -H /dev/sdb11:37
user|69sorry i was disconnectd . . . i have run both commands:11:42
user|69sda and sdb return as follows:11:43
user|69SMART overall-health self-assessment test result: PASSED11:43
diogenes_Vx15user|69: could you install gnome-disk-utility?11:44
user|69yes anything you order . . .11:44
diogenes_Vx15sudo apt install gnome-disk-utility11:45
user|69done diogenes . . .11:48
diogenes_Vx15user|69: sorry i'm a bit multitasking so it takes longer for me to reply that i want11:49
diogenes_Vx15run in terminal: gnome-disks11:49
user|69no worries i can wait . . .11:50
diogenes_Vx15did it open the disks dialog?11:50
user|69its up and running . . .11:50
diogenes_Vx15ok in that dialog click on the first drive, then choose the Drive Options, usually represented by 3 dots or a gear11:51
diogenes_Vx15there select the option: SMART data and self-test11:51
diogenes_Vx15in the newly opened window look for the row that reads: Current Pending Sector Count11:52
diogenes_Vx15it should have the value of 0 sectors11:53
diogenes_Vx15if it's more than 0 then the drive has bad sectors11:53
user|69i cant find SMART data and self test . . .11:57
user|69it shows options for partitions . . .11:57
diogenes_Vx15user|69: look on the right side just before the minimize, maximize and close buttons11:58
user|69ok ok got it !11:59
user|69for sda (Windows) test completed . . . it says Disk is, OK 539 bad sectors12:02
user|69now running on sdb (Kubuntu) . . .12:02
user|69Disk is OK (no bad sectors)12:03
diogenes_Vx15user|69: look for the line: Current Pending Sector Count12:04
user|69yes that line shows 539 sectors for sda and 0 for sdb12:06
diogenes_Vx15which means your sda disk has bad sectors.12:06
user|69by the way the line just below "Uncorrectable sector count" is 0 sectors for sda.  can i somehow correct the bad sectors?12:07
diogenes_Vx15user|69: there are some command to try to correct the bad sectores but the result is not guaranteed and you need to backup your most important data12:08
user|69yes i would like to try to correct, if is ok for you diogenes, the Windows data is already backed up.12:10
user|69Anyway, i think diogenes had to leave.  THANK YOU for your great help!!!  I am very impressed. Have to think about a new hard drive or perhaps a new laptop . . . :b  . . . or is it worth trying to fix those sectors ? don know12:14
user|69anyway, thanks to you,  i have decided to move to Kubuntu for good<3 8)12:16
oerheksbad sectors grow, IMHO12:17
oerheksreplace disk12:17
user|69ok oerheks i will do that . . . thank you for your wise advise12:18
diogenes_Vx15user|69: sorry i got disconnected, if you want to try to fix those bad sectors, you can try this tutorial: https://ubunlog.com/en/repara-aisla-sectores-danados-disco-duro-estas-herramientas/12:20
user|69yes diogenes while waiting for my new hard drive to arrive . . . i  will try to fix those sectors . . . thank you again for your patience . . . you have a friend in France .12:24
diogenes_Vx15avec plaisir mon ami :)12:25
diogenes_Vx15dammit is ami friend of love? lol12:26
diogenes_Vx15i forgot12:26
user|69hi hi . . . dont want to leave this pace lol . . . yes ami is friend you said it perfectly12:26
diogenes_Vx15ok i remembered, mon amour is love and ami is friend :)12:28
IrcsomeBot<a_k_s_27> Hello,14:10
IrcsomeBot<a_k_s_27> I'm a bit new to the Linux Ecosystem14:10
IrcsomeBot<a_k_s_27> and I got into a weird issue14:10
IrcsomeBot<a_k_s_27> I'm using Brave browser in my laptop in which I have installed Kubuntu 22.04 recently14:16
IrcsomeBot<a_k_s_27> currently I'm unable to open .pdf file formats in browser14:17
diogenes_Vx15a_k_s_27, and?14:17
diogenes_Vx15how you wanna open it in browser?14:17
IrcsomeBot<a_k_s_27> I'm using Brave(or any chromium) browser in my laptop in which I have installed Kubuntu 22.04 recently14:17
IrcsomeBot<a_k_s_27> I'm using Brave(or any chromium) browser in my laptop in which I have installed Kubuntu 22.04 recently (re @a_k_s_27: I'm using Brave(or any chromium) browser in my laptop in which I have installed Kubuntu 22.04 recently)14:17
IrcsomeBot<a_k_s_27> its not openning (re @IrcsomeBot: <diogenes_Vx15> how you wanna open it in browser?)14:18
IrcsomeBot<a_k_s_27> instead its opening a location chooser to download it14:18
IrcsomeBot<a_k_s_27> but if i remove the .pdf from file name it opens it14:18
oerheksit is good practive to download a pdf file first, before opening it14:19
diogenes_Vx15a_k_s_27, drag and drop a pdf from the file manager into the browser14:20
IrcsomeBot<a_k_s_27> actually i have a pdf file already present in my system14:21
IrcsomeBot<a_k_s_27> 1 sec i'm uploading a screen recording14:22
diogenes_Vx15that's what i mean14:22
diogenes_Vx15a pdf rom your drive14:22
BluesKajHi all14:30
IrcsomeBot<a_k_s_27> It's actually taking some time upload the video, sorry for that (re @a_k_s_27: 1 sec i'm uploading a screen recording)14:31
IrcsomeBot<a_k_s_27> so this is what is happening with me here14:34
IrcsomeBot<a_k_s_27> this is another recording please have a look at it (re @a_k_s_27: )14:47
IrcsomeBot<a_k_s_27> it' very troublesome that all of the chromium browsers are having same problem in my system14:47
IrcsomeBot<Gecko250> Hi how to show battery icon on task bar although full charged?19:23
IrcsomeBot<Gecko250> The battery icon usually hides when full charged19:24
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> Right click on the system tray, select Configure System Tray.  Select the Entries icon on the left, find the Battery and Brightness option and set to Always shown.19:29
IrcsomeBot<Gecko250> Thanks now it's showing19:31
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