guivercis the pipewire change on our ISOs yet (for live testing..)   ; if anyone knows off the top of their head02:41
guivercnever mind; you can ignore my last..  (thought I had issue with sound)02:42
arraybolt3[m]I think it is, at least that's what earlier testing suggested.02:42
arraybolt3[m](Currently working on a personal project for Christmas - trying to build a custom Linux distro from scratch :P)02:42
arraybolt3[m](I got to the point of a working kernel and Busybox binary that can be launched in QEMU, so woot! I also want to finish up the XScreenSaver config file soon, possibly tonight.)02:42
guiverci wonder if i'm having pipewire sound issues... I'm only having one of chromium (snap) & hexchat playing sound... if one is playing; the other app isn't making sound...   still exploring (slowly)03:21
arraybolt3I can test real quick, one moment...03:21
arraybolt3guiverc: OK, try and send me a ping.03:22
guivercarraybolt3, i have a vid playing in chromium, hexchat is currently deadly silent with no audio  (I noted a ubuntu-news ping only because of flashing on panel earlier today, not audio)03:22
arraybolt3For me, I can play sounds in multiple apps at the same time without problems (Element can ping at me while music is playing, I can also paplay a sound file and it plays at the same time).03:23
arraybolt3Lemme try a Snap (Firefox) and see what happens.03:23
guivercit's not all apps; eg. I have vid play (chromium) & music apps too... hexchat is GTK2 & thus maybe different03:23
* guiverc clementine is my defualt music player03:23
guivercarraybolt3, you're working on other stuff; I'd not worry about this yet..  I'd verify it on another box, plus reboot this box & re-test before I got to point of wanting to file a bug report... (ie. considered it an issue)03:24
arraybolt3I can play audio in Chrome and Firefox at the same time, too.03:24
arraybolt3guiverc: I'm right here, I can help test! Besides I'm taking a break from my project and gearing up for XScreenSaver anyway, so this isn't an interruption.03:25
* arraybolt3 sudo apt install hexchat03:25
arraybolt3arrayboltHCTest: test03:26
arraybolt3arrayboltHCTest: test03:26
arraybolt3arrayboltHCTest: test03:26
guivercon pausing chromuium (youtube vid) & clementine... after a while here on hexchat makes noise again, but clicking play on either clementine or chromium/youtube-vid gets no sound..03:28
arraybolt3Interesting. I don't get audio in HexChat either if I have an audio file in Firefox playing *or paused*.03:28
arraybolt3But if the file isn't playing at all, it works.03:28
arraybolt3Er... hmm, now it's not working there either, what on earth...03:29
guivercit hopefully only relates to GTK2 apps (there are very few of them)  but it's my IRC client still03:29
guiverci think you have to let it 'settle' or stay quiet a little before you can switch to the other (before the sound is given up in the queue or something maybe)03:30
arraybolt3Once I close Firefox entirely, then it starts playing audio again for me.03:30
guivercI've not yet closed any apps; but have found just waiting will fix it (haven't timed to see how long it takes; maybe 15 secs)03:32
arraybolt3Yeah, it's definitely behaving strangely. I didn't see anything in journalctl that looked interesting.03:32
guivercme neither, I do get an error if i start clementine using media key on keyboard (after awhile) WHEN hexchat is playing sound & it cannot play; 03:33
arraybolt3Possibly related (unsure though): https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/pipewire/pipewire/-/issues/190803:34
-ubot93:#lubuntu-devel- Issue 1908 in pipewire/pipewire "High latency for Canberra notification sounds, poor handling of unset and high latencies" [Closed]03:34
guiverc(sorry I can't provide error; window keeps closing; but message unhelpful for clues; just sign of problem starting audio)03:34
arraybolt3guiverc: I'm also noticing that Thunderbird is no longer making notification sounds when I have music running in the background.05:25
arraybolt3So this is definitely not confined to your system, and not confined even to HexChat. It might have something to do with GTK, but I dunno. This seems pretty bad, though.05:25
guivercThunderbird shows to me as GTK3 (https://packages.ubuntu.com/lunar/thunderbird) so not restricted to GTK2 thus will impact far higher % of users05:26
arraybolt3I suppose the next step is to try Ubuntu Desktop and see if there's problems there.05:27
* arraybolt3 is currently fighting with liblxqt - I'm almost done updating that for Debian05:27
guivercdo you want to write up something on discourse; I can too (getting late for you i bet)... Yep I'd go ubuntu-desktop next as best for bug report in my opinion (get Ubuntu devs on issue & at least tracking)05:27
arraybolt3Yeah, sure. And, nah, not really that late for me.05:28
arraybolt3(Remember I05:28
arraybolt3I'm the weird night owl guy.)05:28
guivercI'm happy to add issue to discourse; suggesting you as you maybe more detailed with specifics than me...05:28
* guiverc is going for sony vaoi thingy, see what OS/release is on that..05:29
arraybolt3guiverc: Alright, added a comment on Discourse.05:30
guiverci've got lubuntu lunar on sony; but have started zsync of ubuntu-desktop; can do qa-test install then test...05:32
arraybolt3Sounds good. I'll start a zsync pretty soon too.05:33
arraybolt3Last of the liblxqt builds are now running, should be able to push to Salsa soon.05:34
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> (Still here, just on the other homeserver.)08:07
* guiverc still hasn't had ubuntu-desktop written to thumb-drive.. bandwidth issues due to backups in progress.. plus about to walk dog now anyway.08:17
arraybolt3guiverc: I think I figured out the PipeWire problem. Reboot your computer, that may fix it.08:52
arraybolt3I just tested Ubuntu Desktop, it doesn't have the problem... but it also has a newer version of PipeWire than the one currently running on my system, and I remember a PipeWire update came through earlier today I think.08:52
arraybolt3I'm going to reboot and be right back to report the results.08:52
arraybolt3Nevermind, didn't fix it.08:57
arraybolt3But, it is a problem with Lubuntu, not with PipeWire in general, so that's good.08:57
guivercthanks arraybolt3 ... I've only got to testing it now (haven't re-created it with Ubuntu Desktop either)11:56
arraybolt3Finally managed to get in an MR for liblxqt!16:25

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