doc_holiday2112[Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!!03:34
doc_holiday2112[Is there a way for me to replace the Android OS on my Galaxy Tab A with Ubuntu???03:34
arraybolt3doc_holiday2112[: Unlikely, sadly, Android devices (and even non-Android Samsung devices) are sometimes notoriously difficult to get Ubuntu installed on. You might look into the Termux Android app on F-Droid, that might give you something close to what you're looking for, and you may even be able to run Ubuntu inside it.03:40
arraybolt3(Also you probably want #ubuntu:libera.chat, not this channel.)03:40
bengtfalke[m]Looking for a soundcard that works well with Ardour and Ubuntu studio. Please share your experiences....17:20
EickmeyerPersonally, can't go wrong with the Behringer U-Phoria series.19:21
OvenWerksBehringer seems to have vanished/changed policies about who they sell through. The big music dealer in Canada (L & M) no longer carries their products and only has old stock for sale (reduced).20:19
OvenWerksTheir statement: “As a consequence, this unfortunately disqualifies all small brick-and-mortar stores and traditional distributors, as serving them adds little value and increases cost,”20:23
OvenWerksIs totally bogus and to call L&M small (they own Traynor amongst others) just shows stupidity. For many people having a local warranty centre where one can in an emergency take the device in and have a replacement that day while theirs is fixed is a must.20:25
EickmeyerAgreed. Seems like they're pulling out of Guitar Center then too.20:29
EickmeyerHowever, Amazon is where I've ordered from in the past anyhow.20:29
OvenWerksFor an audio iinterface that is not bad, for a live mixer (X32), it is unacceptable.20:30
OvenWerksBasically, it doesn't fly for any live use equiment unless one is rich enough tp own two or three :)20:31
OvenWerksL&M's warranty has been very good (mini 1 year carry in, can buy more by the year so long as you keep it going) and their prices are as good as on line or sometimes better.20:33
EickmeyerI hope they plan to contract/deploy on-site technicians, because I know of a church that has at least two M32s that will need servicing eventually.20:48
EickmeyerAlso, I try to keep my X-touch in immaculate condition because I really don't want to worry about it breaking down, so it stays under dust cover unless I'm using it.20:50

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