daftykinsoddly enough i've had a situation where the progress value didn't load xD 00:00
EickmeyerHeh, which also means a bad write or bad media or both.00:00
daftykinsit was neither00:00
daftykinsit was HP iLO virtual console00:01
EickmeyerOh. I'm not familiar.00:01
daftykinsah so with workstation or server class hardware there's a dedicated NIC and a web management UI where you can load an HTML5 remote console to the system and mount an ISO to it over the network00:02
EickmeyerOh! Interesting. So, network disconnect amidst the check?00:02
daftykinseven over gigabit LAN it's much slower though, so media checks become super painful00:02
daftykinspossible, i got tired of how long it was taking that i had to bail - it was fine again on a reset :D00:03
daftykinsi had myself to blame really as i was being too lazy to create media which would have been hugely faster00:03
EickmeyerI'd say in those cases, when you have already run the check on that medium, it's probably fine to skip (Ctrl-C) unless it's a net dc, in which case you're screwed anyways.00:03
JanCyeah, you can easily do a media check locally on your laptop or whatever00:05
JanCor when it's an image, just check the file00:06
JanC(it should have some sort of hash that you can check)00:06
daftykinsmmm i know the options well00:07
EickmeyerI mean, it would've been your standard SHA256SUM, but it's an Ubuntu .iso anyhow, which will automatically check itself no matter what.00:07
daftykinsanywho i think i'll walk away now, things may have calmed down but that was still a very unwelcome exchange00:09
Eickmeyerdaftykins: For that, I apologize. Just know that arraybolt3 is doing a TON of contribution on the development end of things and knows quite a bit, so don't be so dismissive. That's kind of what set me off.00:10
gryEickmeyer: ive found it strange, the accusation daftykins 'being argumentative with those in here that are [helping with ubuntu development]'... i think daftykins is trying to be productive in what he suggests, and if he isn't, then it needs to be considered bit by bit, one case by one case, rather than accusing of not being a dev00:13
gryand thats me being an outsider so i'm not reading beyond what is being said in the chat00:13
Eickmeyergry: Yeah, it was more having to do with what set me off, not so much him not being a dev with Ubuntu. That was a little unfair, but it was more based on a personal observation of mine.00:16
Eickmeyergry: Had nothing to do with you, btw.00:16
gryi think daftykins is quite knowledgeable, shouldnt be worse than arraybolt3 regardless00:19
gryi didnt see you here before, it's a pleasure to meet you in any case. most people are asleep when it's daytime here00:19
Eickmeyergry: Pleasure to meet you as well. I'm all over the place, so don't be too surprised to see me from time to time. I'm more on the audio/video side of things, being the Ubuntu Studio lead.00:21
EickmeyerAnd yes, daftykins is VERY knowledgeable. :)00:21
grydoes it mean you know everything the planet could possibly know about combination of Intel UHD 620 gpu and Intel i7 -8650U x 8 cpu and why they dont work together and what video driver is needed :)00:22
gryi'm pulling your leg, getting more debug info in channel now00:23
EickmeyerYeah, no clue. Should work in the kernel because it's Intel and 8th generation.00:30
EickmeyerIf it were 12th generation or later, you'd have a harder time.00:31
gryworking with nomodeset, not working without - i suggested them to report a bug, i'm out of ideas00:53
gryshould be included into the kernel by default00:53
Eickmeyergry: Agreed. And for future reference:01:07
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.01:07
EickmeyerOh, you found it. :)01:07
gryyes, i found it in privmsg to the bot; thaks for noting it in channel, may be easier for me to keep track01:54
gryhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-signed-hwe-5.4/+bug/2000491 the package against which this is filed is completely wrong, no? i was expecting them to file against some linux*image* package01:56
-ubottu:#ubuntu-discuss- Launchpad bug 2000491 in linux-signed-hwe-5.4 (Ubuntu) "Dell Latitude 7390 running Ubuntu 18.04.6 fresh install system non-recoverable after screen lock and screen completely fades to black or after system goes into sleep" [Undecided, New]01:56
arraybolt3(For those who wonder why I'm /part'ing out of a bunch of support channels on the Matrix side, I'm still here on IRC, I just am trying to clean up my Matrix stuff and I don't need those channels on Matrix and IRC.)01:59
gryarraybolt3: thats good01:59
gryis there anything valuable thats available on matrix side that isn't available on irc01:59
grysomething thatd motivate me to join matrix to check it out02:00
arraybolt3Easy screenshot sharing, built-in pastebin of sorts, easy file sharing, typing indicators, and read receipts. :) It's really awesome.02:00
gryarraybolt3: i mean in regards to channels/groups that are not on irc02:00
arraybolt3It's not really necessary for getting support (or even giving support), but for the development world it's awesome.02:00
gryhttps://convos.chat <-- web based irc client with image sharing and pastebin02:01
arraybolt3gry: There's the #ubuntu:matrix.org channel, which is different than #ubuntu on Libera.Chat. It has some interesting stuff. I help moderate it.02:01
grybut they all really suck, i think, they dont allow combining multiple channels in one buffer02:01
gryso i only like weechat and irssi really02:01
arraybolt3There are some other channels on there that I've briefly looked into, but so far that's not really gone all that well.02:01
gryi can bet some large sum of money that matrix clients dont have this feature02:01
arraybolt3The federated nature of Matrix makes it easy for people to be allowed to spew junk all over creation in their own channel on their homeserver.02:02
grylike discord02:02
arraybolt3(I mean, not super easy, but way easier than on IRC.)02:02
* arraybolt3 never used discord, so I dunno for sure02:02
arraybolt3Anyway, for chat, I actually prefer IRC, but for collaboration and development, Matrix is the way to go.02:02
gryit has homeservers anyone can make02:02
arraybolt3(Also, if you're looking for interesting places to talk, keep in mind that there are ## channels on Libera, too.)02:03
gryright. so what matrix 'server' would you suggest for sane group there that does development or collaboration and that isnt on irc yet02:03
gryi appreciate your insight also. i didnt make it to matrix after irc.mozilla.org died02:03
grythey moved to matrix and any matrix client i found was incredibly annoying02:03
arraybolt3What server you use doesn't really matter so much - any server can access channels on any other server (sorta anyway). Pick a server you trust and go with it.02:04
arraybolt3I personally use the main Matrix.org homeserver, and also a private server that our local chaosadmin in Lubuntu-land made for us.02:04
arraybolt3gry: You're a WeeChat person too? Fun, that's the one I finally settled on, too.02:06
arraybolt3(Homeserver switching)02:09
arraybolt3Speaking of Matrix, I have now fully migrated to the Lubuntu homeserver except for a couple of massive rooms! Woot!02:17
arraybolt3And I don't even need the two massive rooms, so that will let me finish the migration!02:18
arraybolt3oerheks: Why would we be so adamant about not answering the question trogdor actually asked? Obviously, yes, Plex should know about the problem, but why not at least try to offer a workaround?03:31
oerheksas there is non, besides aa-complain ?03:35
oerheksplex server and httpsc at 1.30, plex deskotop at 1.6003:38
arraybolt3Sorry, I'm realizing I sound really harsh. I shouldn't do that.03:40
lotuspsychjegood morning04:11
-ubottu:#ubuntu-discuss- Launchpad bug 1860899 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "Add extra information to tabs in folders" [Wishlist, Triaged]09:59
marcoagpintoanother fix to a wish I suggested09:59
marcoagpinto3 years to fix it, not too bad09:59
marcoagpintoI am glad to be alive to see the fix09:59
Eickmeyermarcoagpinto: Not sure you read the whole bug report, but Launchpad only interpreted the closure as "Fix Released". When you actually look at the bug report, it was closed as "out of scope" meaning they won't do it.16:10
EickmeyerThe upstream bug report, that is.16:10
marcoagpintobut in the email I received it was written to be fixed16:11
EickmeyerThe upstream bug report for Nautilus on the feature you wanted is here: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/nautilus/-/issues/68516:11
-ubottu:#ubuntu-discuss- Issue 685 in GNOME/nautilus "Need a column 'Duration in minutes' (for video and audio files)" [Closed]16:11
marcoagpintoso, no one will implement it?16:11
marcoagpintoI am so sad, I will never make more suggestions16:12
marcoagpintothree years later they reply to it16:12
EickmeyerYeah, Ubuntu doesn't actually do any development on Nautilus, that would be the Gnome project.16:12
marcoagpintoI still haven't understood much about that Gnome and Ubuntu stuff16:15
marcoagpintoso, Gnome does the GUI?16:15
marcoagpintoand other people make the Ubuntu?16:15
oerhekstip 5; extra columns https://www.makeuseof.com/nautilus-extensions-to-enhance-your-gnome-file-manager/16:18
Eickmeyermarcoagpinto: That's correct.16:18
marcoagpintoBuaaaaaaaaa :(((((((16:19
Eickmeyermarcoagpinto: FYI, I put my bug team hat on and closed the bug, but I gave some advice in my comment.16:19
EickmeyerBTW, I'll send you some cola as soon as I have some.16:20
marcoagpintoI have spent a few hours today coding16:21
EickmeyerNice. I woke up and am drinking coffee.16:22
arraybolt3someone said coffee?16:29
marcoagpintoand I am retired for good!!!!17:04
marcoagpintonow I can work on the PhD and open-source17:04
marcoagpintoI am almost a free guy17:04
marcoagpintoI have written an official summary: https://proofingtoolgui.org/oath.html17:06
Eickmeyermarcoagpinto: Musician?17:17
EickmeyerDo you make music?17:18
marcoagpintoI work on open-source as a hobby17:18
EickmeyerOh, nvm. I skimmed your summary. I was wrong.17:18
marcoagpintoright now I am working on the pt-PT autocorrect of LibreOffice17:19
marcoagpintoI will commit in january17:20
EickmeyerNice. I was going to invite you to help with Ubuntu Studio, but yeah, after seeing that you're more into LibreOffice, seems like a better fit. :)17:20
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