arraybolt3Has lagunaloire123 been banned for their constant off-topic conversation in #ubuntu in the past? They seem to almost always only bring off-topic and sometimes inappropriate conversation into the channel (like they're doing right now).03:11
arraybolt3(Thankfully this time the topic isn't inappropriate but it's still off-topic.) Anyway, maybe I can suggest that they be permanently banned from the channel until they express their willingness to not keep doing this? It's getting on my nerves and probably on the nerves of others around here.03:12
ubottuarraybolt3 called the ops in #ubuntu (lagunaloire123 going offtopic and refusing to stop yet again)03:14
ubottuEickmeyer called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (lagunaloire123 way out of hand)04:58
ubotturabbitnightmare called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()05:00

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