zxmpithat weird week after crimbo when it's not christmas and it's not the new year. some places are open, some are closed and you can never work out which is which11:17
DJonesMorning all, long time since I've been here11:18
zxmpihi-de-hi o/11:19
DJonesHope you all had a good Christmas11:19
zxmpiquiet, on my own, no disturbances, very nice.11:19
DJonesWasn't bad, busy christmas day, but quiet the rest of the time11:21
zxmpiget any nice pressies?11:23
DJonesUsual things from family & friends, clothes, cheese board, sweets etc, Galaxy watch from wife11:24
DJonesHow about you11:25
zxmpi::checks online:: ah a samsung watch, not a chocolate watch :-)11:26
DJonesDefinately not chocolate11:26
zxmpipressie of chocolate from landlord. they're really nice like that11:26
zxmpivery disorganised this year, didn't even copy die hards to media player :-P11:28
zxmpii even picked up a new 256gb memory card for phone to do so11:29
zxmpitopped up a mifi in case interwebs went down, it didn't.11:31
zxmpireally should source a 512gb card but i'd have to get it online here as shops never have them in stock11:36
DJonesI had a similar problem trying to my wifes new tabler, no shpos had it, Amazon out of stock, ended up having to order direct from manufacturer11:37
zxmpii wonder at what point the middleman (the shops and online stores) will be the last place you check11:39
zxmpimy shiny new phone this year had zero chance of being in an irish shop. a unihertz titan pocket.11:42
DJonesNever heard of that11:42
zxmpiand buying online well, i might just as well get it from manufacturers store11:43
zxmpibasically an amdroid blackberry. it has real keyboard11:43
zxmpii despise typing on glass11:44
DJonesI prefer glass keyboards, especially with a swype style keyboard, don't need to take my finger off the keyboard11:45
DJonesJust looking on amazon at it11:45
DJonesDoes look like a blackberry11:46
zxmpii never liked blackberry, it was too... online. loved the nokia e series which looked like them. absolute tanks of a phone. titan feels similar11:47
davefI had a E7217:19
davefMostly because I worked on Ovi Messaging17:20
davefThe E72 was great, Ovi was terrible. 17:20
davefWe even have a E7 prototype running not only Symbian, but also one running Android.17:22
zxmpistill have an e72 around somewhere i think,  might be an e71...  or both :-)17:22
zxmpiif i could get a symbian phone now with a working battery that could handle a memory card >64gb i'd buy it in a heart beat. maybe. the global search would have to ditch the prefetch bollox17:25
davefwhile most functionality was on the device, things like e-mail and other needed an external service to function normally. things like imap probably wouldn't work now since they were only limited to SSL3 and didn't do TLS at the time.17:26
davefthis is where Ovi came in to play.. Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook, Yahoo! and others had to go through it. Problem is, your passwords could be logged, often I would look at an integration and found somebody hadn't changed the error logging to errors only. Most left it on INFO or worse, DEBUG.17:28
davefand let's not talk about lawful intercept. lol17:29
zxmpiyou could still access email via web browser17:29
davefyou could, but again you'll come across that TLS not being supported because it was too new17:30
zxmpii seem to remember that was my preferred way17:30
davefactually TLS 1.1 would work, 1.2 probably wouldn't.17:31
davefbut since TLS 1.1 is now deprecated, most web servers wouldn't support it anymore :/17:31
davefbut i would be interested to learn if you manage to dig one out and get it working :)17:32
zxmpimy e61 still works. that gets booted up once per year. last used 10 years ago in anger when i went to hospital for hip replacement17:33
zxmpigot stuck with no power sockets so used it as ereader. hadn't been charged for a few years but worked for a week as ereader :-D17:34
* zxmpi gets ready to head out for daily walk.17:35
daftykinsleaving the house, what is this?19:03
zxmpion the medical advice of my collection of singing potatos i take daily exercise to stay sane :-P19:18
davefleave the WHAT?19:19
zxmpileave no phone behind :-) https://mastodon.ie/@zxm/10958729954196053419:32
daftykinsthat's quite the stash!19:37
zxmpii think there might be 1-2 missing from that pic. 19:38
davefE63 there on bottom right. I love it.19:40
davefsomebody liked thumb board life19:40
zxmpiyou can type blind on a real keyboard. even a dumb phone typing on t9 keyboard is better than glass for me19:42

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