EickmeyerOvenWerks: zita-alsa-pcmi (the source package) is at 0.5.1: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zita-alsa-pcmi17:01
OvenWerksEickmeyer: I was looking at the depends which are = or greater :P17:07
EickmeyerAh, that explains it.17:07
Eickmeyer22.04 has it at 0.4.017:07
EickmeyerKinetic is at 0.5.117:07
EickmeyerI can backport 0.5.1 to backports if you want.17:07
EickmeyerI'm always wary of breakage from backporting libs though.17:08
OvenWerksto fix that problem we need 0.6.117:08
EickmeyerLooks like snd is the maintainer there.17:08
Eickmeyer(dunno if he's paying attention)17:09
OvenWerksIt affects audio cards with 32 bit adc17:10
EickmeyerHey snd!17:10
snd0.6.1 is out?17:10
EickmeyerLooking at zita-alsa-pcmi.17:10
OvenWerks32 bit audio being about as useful as 96k audio or screen doors on submarines17:11
EickmeyerHeh, not wrong.17:11
OvenWerks(unless one works in sales)17:12
EickmeyerOr my 192k interface at 192k.17:12
OvenWerksfor scientific studies of bats or doing RF manipulation for radio it might be useful17:13
OvenWerks32 bit audio on the other hand, is beyond the capability of the analong input circuitry (even 24 bit is). So the last 9 or so bits would all be noise17:14
EickmeyerMaybe that could be metadata? >_>17:16
OvenWerksMaybe for recording jet engines up close... or rockets?17:17
OvenWerksIf one can find a mic that would handle it.17:18
OvenWerksEven then the dynamic range is unlikely to be that great.17:19
sndseems the upstream needs to release another release...17:19
sndg++ -Wl,-z,relro -Wl,-z,now -o alsa_loopback alsa_loopback.o pxthread.o ../source/libzita-alsa-pcmi.so.0.5.1 -lasound -lpthread -lrt17:19
snd/usr/bin/ld: cannot find ../source/libzita-alsa-pcmi.so.0.5.1: No such file or directory17:19
sndwith the latest 0.6.117:19
sndah no wait17:20
sndits a patch17:20
EickmeyerI was gonna say, that looks like a version mismatch.17:22
* OvenWerks wonders why he has two resampler libs17:24
sndill upload it and lsp-plugins 1.2.4 to debian unstable soon, but first i need something to eat18:19
Eickmeyersnd: Sounds good. I was just going to ping you about that, but you're ahead of me. Thanks!18:20
sndhow do you guys see updates of software? do you use anything else than uscan aka watch files19:29
Eickmeyersnd: I watch the multimedia-team mailing list. Everything automatically syncs to the Ubuntu archive for the latest development release.19:37
EickmeyerAs for latest release from upstream, for instance lsp-plugins, I'm subscribed to their github release notifications.19:38
sndah ok, but zita-* releases?19:44
EickmeyerOvenWerks tends to keep track of that more than I do.19:46
sndthe upstreams website suck a bit, because you cant sort releases for the latest ones19:46
* OvenWerks is subscribed to the lau, laa, lad mailing lists19:52
EickmeyerI'm subscribed to those lists too but they end up in my spam folders even though I have rules set.19:53
sndwell i have my own mail server and sometimes too busy (or lazy) to update the whitelist for greylisting 19:54
EickmeyerAnd I have the same problem with new-session-manager and agordejo which is why I have to periodically check if I miss the announcement.19:54
arraybolt3OvenWerks: Random humorous anecdote, someone one time set up a camera to capture a picture of a space shuttle during lift-off, and used noise to activate it. The first picture it took was of a really loud turkey buzzard :D (Was reminded of that with the mention of recording rockets)20:10
OvenWerksrelative distance does funny things too20:11
EickmeyerWild goose chase. *facepalm*20:33
OvenWerksI did (backscroll) say you need to enable back ports in -installer and was told that is done.20:34
EickmeyerRight. You did. Failure to follow instructions is one of my pet peeves with providing support.20:34
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Line 181 has a space in the command where it doesn't belong. There is definitely a bug, I can patch it.21:19
EickmeyerNvm, didn't work, back to the drawing board.21:22
OvenWerksthe space should not be there for sure. however from that point I start to wonder what the difference is.21:33
EickmeyerNow he's having trouble with receive bridges.21:35
OvenWerksfor some reason the network bridging does not have logging set up, does not keep the pid for shutdown.21:38
OvenWerksActually, ajbridge doesn't capture logging either21:42
OvenWerksjust the pid.21:42
EickmeyerDoes it not have stdout or stderr?21:45
OvenWerksI think the stdout buffer doesn't get flushed till exit so capturing stdout/err will block till exit. output shows up in terminal though21:45
EickmeyerThat's inconvenient.21:46
OvenWerksso if autojack is run from a terminal it might show.21:47
OvenWerksI don't have a machine I can play with it with though.21:48
OvenWerksI am just looking at the code on github.21:48
EickmeyerI have the feeling it probably works, but while he was trying to make it work on 2.3.1 he probably bugged it up.22:10
OvenWerksThe net bridging is probably one of the least tested parts of controls22:25

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