OvenWerksEickmeyer: I don't know if you remember some one complain about zita giving high levels? anyway, Fons says: This is due to a bug in libzita-alsa-pcmi, which will affect all16:40
OvenWerkssound cards using the S32_LE format.16:40
OvenWerksThis is s fixed in version 0.6.1 which is now available at the usual place:16:40
EickmeyerOvenWerks: I do remember.16:41
OvenWerksI do not know if that means there is a new zita-ajbridge or that it needs to use the new libzita-alsa-pcmi16:42
OvenWerksit's the lib16:45
OvenWerkswe have 0.2.016:45
OvenWerksEickmeyer: why do we have such an old version?16:49
OvenWerksI am guessing libs are harder to keep up with16:49
OvenWerkslibzitaresampler is up to date-ish except Fons' site has two of them (1.6.2 and 1.8.0) we have the older one16:59
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Jammy has 0.4.0, Kinetic has 0.5.1. I don't know where you're getting 0.2.0 from.17:05
EickmeyerBionic has
Eickmeyer(we should really take this to -devel)17:06
ardyahi folks, Ubuntu 22.04...ssh logins start autojack process and kills existing jack session for other user logged into the desktop env, any thoughts on troubleshooting/disabling this behaviour with ssh logins?19:51
OvenWerksardya: hmm, that is not right... but probably fixed already19:54
OvenWerksfor a while autojack was started by systemd via logind. that shouold no longer be the case.19:55
OvenWerksardya: are you set up for backports?19:55
ardyayes i think its starting through systemd...checking for back-ports19:56
OvenWerksubuntustudio-installer has a button to add backports19:56
ardyaalso any idea why creating outgoing net bridges doesnt work in studio contriols?19:56
OvenWerksit worked the last time I tried it... but things change.19:57
ardyahmm yeah back-ports is alreqady enabled19:57
ardyaincoming net bridges work, have to manually create outgoing via terminal19:58
OvenWerksautojack should be started by the session manager then from /etc/xdg/autostart/ so I would think not from terminal login.19:58
OvenWerkson the system tweaks page the debugging level can be set to "Extra", start the bridge and then errors might show in ~/.log/autojack.log20:00
ardyaI see autojack references in /etc/systemd/user/default.target.wants/studio.service /etc/xdg/systemd/user/default.target.wants/studio.service20:01
OvenWerksThe first one should probably not be there. I wonder if the uninstall script or postinstall needs to remove it.20:02
EickmeyerIt'll have to be a .maintscript with rm_conffile because it's in /etc. That's the pain of /etc for ya.20:04
ardyahe log says zita-j2n cant be found, but its at /usr/bin/zita-j2n20:04
OvenWerksis it looking for zita_j2n by chance?20:05
OvenWerkshmm you would have to look through file in /usr/bin/autojack20:05
OvenWerkssearch for zita_ there should be none but if there is change it to - with sudo nano I guess20:06
OvenWerksI sort of remember finding something like that that is fixed in the yet to be released version20:07
EickmeyerOvenWerks: If I can find it I can throw out a patched version.20:07
EickmeyerJust in the meantime.20:07
OvenWerksup the version somehow20:08
EickmeyerIt's easy. It'd literally be a quilt patch.20:08
OvenWerks(somehow means using the prefered ubuntu method)20:08
ardyano underscore20:09
EickmeyerI couldn't find it either.20:09
ardyashould there be a call to zita-j2n in the studio-controls python script?20:10
OvenWerksardya: yes20:10
EickmeyerThere isn't one in studio-controls. Only in autojack.20:12
ardyaI removed that one link /etc/systemd/user/default.target.wants/studio.service and rebooting20:14
OvenWerksEickmeyer: it is in autojack lines 180 to 20020:16
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Yes, but no underscore.20:17
ardyawell that didnt work, ssh login killed the sessiion20:17
OvenWerksI don't see the problem looking at autojack on github.... 20:17
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Are you looking at the 2.3.9 tag?20:17
EickmeyerI don't see the problem either.20:17
OvenWerksardya: which version of studio-controls do you have (should show on the main screen at the top)20:24
OvenWerksoh.... the latest is 2.3.920:25
ardyaits not been pushed to 22.0420:26
OvenWerksbackports should have brought in20:26
ardyaVersion: 2.3.1-0ubuntu220:27
EickmeyerVersion in Backports is 2.3.9-0ubuntu1~bpo22.04.1~ppa1 so you don't have the fixed version.20:30
EickmeyerBy backports we mean the backports PPA in ubuntustudio-installer20:30
ubottuUbuntu Studio Installer is an app that can be used to add Ubuntu Studio's benefits to an existing Ubuntu (or official flavor) installation, and/or add the !ubuntustudio-backports PPA. For more info, see https://ubuntustudio.org/ubuntu-studio-installer/20:31
ubottuThe Ubuntu Studio Backports PPA contains newer versions of select software that is included with Ubuntu Studio. For more info, such as how to add this PPA to your system, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/BackportsPPA and !ubuntustudio-installer. See also !ubuntustudio-controls20:31
ardyaoh ppa20:31
ardyano I dont have that20:31
EickmeyerYou need that.20:31
ardyaand I think I fixed the ssh login killing jack20:31
EickmeyerWe can't SRU the fixed version because it contains too many new features.20:31
EickmeyerOpen Ubuntu Studio Installer, click the button that says "Enable Backports PPA".20:32
ardyaok I'll add the PPA20:32
ardyaupdating...guys, thanks, and appreciate your efforts in maintaining all this. My main DAW still runs on 18.04 and I have that mofo tweaked like crazy, test driving 22.04 on a laptop to see what changes I'll have to make to get same functionality20:36
EickmeyerThat backports PPA does not include the latest update of Ardour, btw. That's in a separate PPA at ppa:ubuntustudio-ppa/ardour-backports20:37
ardyaI dont use studio-controls on 18.04, its all manually configged, scripted etc20:37
ardyaI dont use ardour, been using reaper20:38
ardyathanks though20:38
Eickmeyerardya: FYI, 18.04 has been EOL since January 2019, so I don't know what you've been doing this whole time.20:41
OvenWerksif it works and is not connected its fine.20:45
OvenWerksbut yeah no security updates that way.20:45
OvenWerksardya: just a heads up, it looks like 32.04 is defaulting to pipewire to replace both jack and pulse.20:47
OvenWerksardya: the plan is to allow pulse/jack (as now), PipeWire alone, PipeWire/jack or PipeWire with jack as a device.20:50
OvenWerksardya: however, in the long run pulse will for sure go away.20:50
OvenWerkspipewire works quite well for most modern devices and ok with all alsa devices. the alsa FW stack is not great for low latency audio.20:52
ardyaLOL same error cant find zita-j2n20:56
ardya18.04 is LTS and still supported20:57
oerheksehm, gnome 18.04 LTS is supported, other flavors 3 years20:59
ardyaah ha!21:02
ardya            cmd = "zita-j2n "21:02
ardya            cmd = "zita-n2j"21:02
ardyanote the space in the quote21:03
ardyafound that in /usr/bin/autojack21:06
Eickmeyerardya: 18.04 is not LTS for Ubuntu Studio, see https://ubuntustudio.org/2018/05/clarification-on-non-lts-status-of-ubuntu-studio-18-04/. Additionally, official flavors (read: not Ubuntu Desktop or Ubuntu Server) typically only release as LTS for 3 years.21:10
ardyahmmm removing that space didnt fix it21:11
Eickmeyeroerheks: ^21:12
ardyaEickmeyer: I'll take your word for it, but I still get updates for it, last ones were 12-15-202221:12
Eickmeyerardya: You're only getting updates from the main repository, not the universe repository. I'm the leader of Ubuntu Studio, so you're getting it from the horse's mouth.21:13
EickmeyerThe universe repository contains the components that make it "studio".21:14
ardyaunderstood, thanks21:19
Eickmeyerardya: I do see the bug, I can definitely patch that. OvenWerks  cmd = "zita-j2n " in autojack line 18121:20
ardyastill no go on the net send bridge21:20
EickmeyerEven with the space removed?21:20
ardyaremoving that space didnt fix :(21:21
EickmeyerProbably because in shells spaces don't matter.21:21
Eickmeyerardya: Actually, try closing studio controls, killall -9 autojack, and start studio controls again.21:23
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ardyaI had rebooted after removing the space21:27
ardyaand the no process found thing comes from when the call to kill the old zita-njbridge conns occurs, there's no bridges running21:29
ardyaand I dont see any messages in the log when trying to add a net send bridge...21:29
EickmeyerThis is very much up OvenWerks's alley, no idea why it's not working.21:30
EickmeyerI mean, if it's not even doing a command-not-found something isn't right.21:30
ardyaoh boy, now net receive bridges dont come up21:33
ardyaok well I'm going to figure out how to revert this21:45
OvenWerksardya: the other possibility would be to use the postrun script to start a njbridge.21:49
ardyawhats that scriptname?21:50
OvenWerksneeds to be a bash script... well I guess if it has #!/bin/whatever that would work too.21:51
OvenWerksit needs to be chmod +x in other words21:52
OvenWerks~/.config/autojack/postbridge runs after the pulse bridges are set up21:53
ardyado the procs in the script need to be backgrounded?21:55
ardyahung in poststart21:56
ardyaso probably21:56
ardyahmm nope still hung in poststart22:00
ardyagah this flippin laptop..22:07
ardyaok guys thanks again...I need to wipe and restart from scratch22:08
ardyahaha nice, finally got the studio iso to boot on this POS laptop22:47
ardyacheers, and thanks again!22:47

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