rbotthey there. I am trying to use the NoCloud datasource via smbios parameters on QEMU. it does read the host where to connect to, but it does not expand the DMI variables. I end up with requests to /__dmi.system-uuid__/meta-data on my webserver. I am using clout-init 22.4 on alpine stable. I cannot find any relatable error in the logs. Am I missing07:28
rbottsome dependencies? my QEMU parameter looks like "-smbios type=1,serial=ds=nocloud-net;s=http://some.web.server/__dmi.system-uuid__/" and my cloud.cfg mostly consists of "datasource_list: [ "NoCloud" ]"07:28
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minimalrbott isn't in channel currently but it seems he is trying to use functionality that is only in cloud-init master (#1879)23:57

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