IrcsomeBot<KaKaRoT_DB> NBBI06:24
IrcsomeBot<KaKaRoT_DB> 26V506:24
IrcsomeBot<KaKaRoT_DB> 36V506:24
IrcsomeBot<KaKaRoT_DB> 90GW06:25
IrcsomeBot<KaKaRoT_DB> 9OGW06:25
IrcsomeBot<KaKaRoT_DB> 8H4A06:25
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IrcsomeBot<TheRealMarkZuckerbergOfficial> 191W08:47
IrcsomeBot<TheRealMarkZuckerbergOfficial> anybody here still online? I just installed Kubuntu and I am trying to install the Vietnamese input method. I am totally new to Linux. Can anybody help, please? Thank you08:48
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BluesKajHi all13:54

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