lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Got pipewire-alsa added to the seed and the metapackage updated.01:33
guivercthanks arraybolt3 01:34
lubot[telegram] <teward001> *yawns*01:44
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> o/01:56
arraybolt3@teward001: How's it going?01:56
lubot[telegram] <teward001> bluh01:56
* arraybolt3 casts teward001's covid into a black hole and then decays it to oblivion01:57
lubot[telegram] <teward001> nah i'm just tired01:57
lubot[telegram] <teward001> want sleep01:57
lubot[telegram] <teward001> cant get sleep01:57
lubot[telegram] <teward001> hisss01:57
arraybolt3Ugh. I've had that. Chamomile tea is supposed to help, though I think you're the guy who said that you hated tea, so...01:58
lubot[telegram] <teward001> meh the issue is i was not at home so if i slept i'd be spending the night at mom and dad's.03:01
lubot[telegram] <teward001> so.  now i am home so.  *curls up in bed*03:01
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> 👍️03:01
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> XScreenSaver fix just migrated through \o/05:03
arraybolt3Glad that we have pipewire-alsa deployed - I'm having some serious audio troubles over on my end with Chrome, VirtualBox, and Thunderbird apparently interacting poorly with each other (at least that's the best I can figure). Hopefully the fix will be deployed soon.07:02
arraybolt3Er, will automatically install soon.07:02
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> 2 installs today's ISO xscreensaver looks good.. (re @lubuntu_bot: (matrix) <arraybolt3> XScreenSaver fix just migrated through \o/)19:19
arraybolt3Just rebooted after an update installed pipewire-alsa, now Thunderbird and Chrome can play audio at the same time.19:45

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