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lotuspsychjegood morning03:23
grygood day lotuspsychje04:35
gryarraybolt3: i like weechat, ive tried a few other clients and they just didnt match my needs. weechat wins over irssi simply because it has a web ui. i'm on quassel at the moment but channel list exceeds window / screen height so it's in my holiday vacations plans to switch over to weechat again04:36
gryarraybolt3: the most valuable is ability to combine and uncombine buffers, afaik other clients dont have such ability04:36
gryarraybolt3: qweechat is cool too04:37
arraybolt3[m]1For me, everything other than WeeChat just didn't quite work right.04:37
arraybolt3[m]1Quassel is cool but... the UI is... I dunno... meh. Konversation is quite good but I got scared away from it due to possible lack of security fixes. Hexchat was awesome but nick completion has some problems.04:37
arraybolt3[m]1irssi was nice but I couldn't see a channel list! I think that's all the clients I've tried so far.04:38
arraybolt3[m]1(There's Matrix too, but that isn't an IRC client, it just happens to be bridged to Libera. I use that one since it has a number of fancy features that come in handy in some situations.04:39
arraybolt3[m]1(And I think it's bridged to more than just Libera but I'm going off on a tangent at this point)04:40
arraybolt3[m]1gry: Combine buffers? I've not ever used that before.04:42
gryarraybolt3[m]1: not on matrix you fool ! kidding of course. in weechat see '/help buffer' see the notes on merge and unmerge04:43
arraybolt3[m]1It looks cool, I may have to try that!04:43
gryon a related note, ive used matrix client about 3 years ago and it didnt have buffer merge04:44
arraybolt3[m]1I knew you meant in Weechat :)04:44
arraybolt3There's a bunch of stuff on the Internet about Canonical attempting to go public - is this just a really widespread rumor? I can't find anything from an official website about it.20:25
arraybolt3IF it is true, I'm not sure whether that's awesome news (Canonical might grow and become more profitable enabling them to do yet more to make Ubuntu good), or terrible news (Microsoft or Red Hat might try to buy them).20:25
oerheksIPO ?20:34
oerheksNo, that rumour is around for years..20:34
oerheks..also that my long blond curly hair is fake.20:35
arraybolt3I just saw it reported to be happening in 2023, according to Slashdot and various other places.20:36
arraybolt3First noticed it on Mastodon. But I see nothing about it on Canonical's website or Ubuntu's website.20:36
arraybolt3At least not from Google searches.20:36
arraybolt3Which links to https://techcrunch.com/2022/04/21/canonical-now-hopes-to-ipo-in-2023/20:39
arraybolt3Still, not an official website, and where do they get the info that Mark announced it?20:41
EickmeyerMark never announced a thing.20:42
EickmeyerIt's all speculation.20:42
EickmeyerAlways has been.20:42
arraybolt3:P Figured as much. Wonder why on earth people do stuff like that.20:43
EickmeyerClicks and ad revenue.20:44
arraybolt3You'd think he would have announced something like that at the Summit - obviously, he didn't. Blah. I hate fake news.20:47
arraybolt3https://ubuntu.social/@governa@fosstodon.org/109590357881297592 (I just added a "this is probably a rumor" bit to this)20:47
arraybolt3(It was someone else's post, I commented on it.)20:47

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