ShapeShifter499I have a ubuntu 22.04 server install and I am using it to compile some versions of android roms. I have run into an issue where I wanted to build an older rom that requires openssl1.1.1    Is there a recomended way to go about installing it along side the current openssl3.0 ?06:58
ShapeShifter499I could probably chroot an older ubuntu but I wanted to intergate some of these builds into jenkins builds07:00
pvh_sa@shapeshifter499 - can you build in a Docker container with the older version of things? Not sure if that would integrate with Jenkins07:14
ShapeShifter499I guess?  I'm a bit new there, never built projects using a docker container 07:17
ShapeShifter499a few years ago I had been running 20.04 and I know everything worked there07:17
ShapeShifter499was there a reason why ubuntu didn't ship a legacy package?  also unless I misunderstand stuff it looks like 1.1.1 still gets security updates?07:19
ShapeShifter499considering they still ship old gcc, seems like maybe they should have also included openssl 1.1.1  07:20
ubottuUbuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish) is the 36th release of Ubuntu and the current !LTS release – Download at https://ubuntu.com/download :: Release notes at https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/jammy-jellyfish-release-notes :: Further schedule at https://ubottu.com/y/jj07:20
lotuspsychjecheck on the releasenotes ShapeShifter499 a lot of usefull info on changes there07:21
pvh_sathe release notes don't really answer @ShapeShifter499's question for me - I get it, OpenSSL 3 is the new default - but e.g. on my Ubuntu 22.04 (upgraded from 20.04) machine I have libssl.so.1.107:27
ShapeShifter499it looks like I should be able to just manually compile openssl 1.1.1 and point the build to it07:29
ShapeShifter499I'll try that now07:29
pvh_sacould do I guess :) a closer look shows that my libssl1.1 comes from a package libssl1.1 that was discontinued in the move to openssl 3 (i.e. its there in focal and not there in jammy). I'd recommend learning to how to use a Docker build environment rather than compiling an old version... the investment it going to pay off07:32
ShapeShifter499is docker going to cause a lot of overhead though?07:34
lotuspsychjecompile yourself is not supported and prob not the best secure idea07:34
ShapeShifter499lotuspsychje: how so?07:34
ShapeShifter499security wise07:34
pvh_sanope... its not like a VM, its basically your existing kernel with a different userland. here's an ancient blog post on using such a blog environment - update for the ubuntu 20.04 that you want to use: https://sweetcode.io/using-docker-reproducible-build-environments/07:35
pvh_saand another one - https://www.rainerhahnekamp.com/en/docker-build-environment/ - less detailed but more readable07:36
pvh_saone of the key advantages of doing things this way is reproducibility - specify exactly the dependencies you want, from a known reliable source (i.e. the packages for ubuntu 20.04) and then you can re-do the builds on a different machine, etc with no worries that you might have forgotten some hand-tuning in your build.07:38
ShapeShifter499pvh_sa: I should be able to have the dependencies inside of the docker image and all of the compiled bits including source outside of it?07:47
pvh_sathe stuff that is "constant" is inside the image and the stuff that changes (typically the compiled code) is outside and mounted into the image using a volume. 07:48
ShapeShifter499right okay, I08:02
ShapeShifter499oops hit enter08:03
ShapeShifter499I'll try it, meant to add08:03
ShapeShifter499pvh_sa: someone informed me in another chat that there was this commit https://github.com/lifehackerhansol-android/android_kernel_lge_msm8998/commit/9ca52bf77ff18a19c35b4c4eef29bb23dc2afba608:23
-ubottu:#ubuntu-server- Commit 9ca52bf in lifehackerhansol-android/android_kernel_lge_msm8998 "cert host tools: Stop complaining about deprecated OpenSSL functions"08:23
ShapeShifter499apparently from Linus himself, which would workaround the openssl issue I have 08:23
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