ilviperoInteresting, i was testing Ubuntu studio 22.10 on my PC and noticed that Jack failed to start at login. Carla was unable to load project due to engine not initialized.03:12
ilviperoIn my case, it looks like autojack was trying to start too early. Starting manually from studio controls worked every time. So i added a small autojack start script at login. Wait 10 seconds then run autojack. All good now.03:12
ilviperoNot sure if it helps you folks, but i thought to share it.03:12
Eickmeyer[m]ilvipero: That behavior sounds familiar, similar to something I've experienced. 10 seconds does seem a little long, would you mind testing with 5 seconds?03:15
ilviperoAlso Kwin is king. I can manage Carla to start as minimized, and also to not appear in the application list when i alt tab. 03:16
ilviperoThat works well on both xorg and Wayland. No scripting, no extra tools needed. I will take some notes for my next writeup on Ubuntu Studio 03:16
ilviperoEickmeyer[m]: Sure will do that right away 03:17
Eickmeyer[m]> <@ilvipero:matrix.org> Also Kwin is king. I can manage Carla to start as minimized, and also to not appear in the application list when i alt tab. 03:19
Eickmeyer[m]> That works well on both xorg and Wayland. No scripting, no extra tools needed. I will take some notes for my next writeup on Ubuntu Studio03:19
Eickmeyer[m]You know, I'd bet Filipe could implement some sort of minimize-to-tray feature if there were a feature request for it. Cadence has that option, so I know he knows how to do it.03:19
ilviperoErich Eickmeyer: 5 seconds wait to start autojack on login is enough on my PC03:23
Eickmeyer[m]ilvipero: Excellent. Good to know. OvenWerks ^ Maybe a little bit of a wait on the init for autojack would do the trick?03:24
ilvipero<Eickmeyer[m]> "> <@ilvipero:matrix.org> Also..." <- I will add a feature request and see if Filipe is willing to help.03:28
Eickmeyer[m]He's pretty responsive, and he knows who you are.03:29
ilvipero<Eickmeyer[m]> "He's pretty responsive, and he..." <- I am sure he remembers the annoyingly happy Italian 😅03:49
Eickmeyer[m]ilvipero: Who can possibly forget Mauro? 🤣03:50
OvenWerksoww, that was power06:30
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Wind?06:31
OvenWerksno idea06:31
EickmeyerHuge windstorm in my area.06:31
OvenWerksit did not seem windy out when I took the dog out06:31
EickmeyerDid you see ilvipero's notes about autojack needing a bit of a wait when initializing?06:32
OvenWerksWe are normally pretty close to the city power source.06:32
OvenWerksyeah, there is quite a wait already...06:32
EickmeyerSeems it needs about 5 seconds more apparently just upon login.06:33
OvenWerksI am getting to point of wondering what it is that we are in contention with.06:33
EickmeyerMy guess is a race condition with the DE simply initializing.06:34
EickmeyerI see it happen in a lot of apps that start. For example, on the Plasma Wayland session, if the Nextcloud Desktop app is started, its tray icon takes over the location of the application launcher if the panel hasn't initialized first.06:36
OvenWerksin main() there is a time.sleep(3) make it 10?06:36
Eickmeyer10 might be a safe bet, worth testing for sure.06:36
OvenWerks(main() in autojack)06:37
OvenWerksI don't have a copy of current running06:37
EickmeyerIs main() the first thing that executes? I'd think init() or something like that.06:37
OvenWerksin autojack main is it.06:37
EickmeyerOk, then that might work. He added sleep 5; autojack in a bash script that did the trick for him.06:38
EickmeyerThe net for that would be 7, so 10 would be very safe.06:38
OvenWerksin studio-controls it is _init_ in studiocontrols06:39
EickmeyerAh, that's where I was getting mixed-up.06:39
EickmeyerI can even test it here and throw it in a patch in the morning, then SRU it to Kinetic and backport to Jammy.06:41
EickmeyerBut, alas, sleepy, and so is my dog, a 70-lb husky, which will be fun getting to bed.06:42
* OvenWerks turns backports off06:42
EickmeyerOr you could pin studio-controls so it never updates.06:42
EickmeyerOr easier: apt-mark hold studio-controls06:43
EickmeyerThat said, I would test it because I've experienced the symptoms he's experiencing.06:43
Eickmeyer[m]ilvipero: I have a patched version of studio-controls building in https://launchpad.net/~eeickmeyer/+archive/ubuntu/studio-controls-delay, feel free to test it and see if it resolves the issue without your script. If it does, I'll upload it to Lunar and SRU it to Kinetic. (no rush, especially if it's midnight)15:42
Eickmeyer[m]Might require a relog after install15:44
Eickmeyersnd: New dragonfly-reverb just dropped.21:19
sndEickmeyer: you need the latest dpf-plugins 1.6-2 which contains now dpf-source the submodule21:24
Eickmeyersnd: Yeah, that auto-sync'd from you the other day.21:24
sndor why it is dropped?21:25
EickmeyerI meant released.21:25
sndany announcement on that?21:26
sndhopefully a new release is coming in next days21:32
EickmeyerI mean, that literally *is* the release announcement.21:43
sndtechnically there is no difference between the previous and current 3.2.821:43
sndsome obsolete files were deleted21:44
EickmeyerLooks like a bugfix per the release notes.21:44
sndlet me recheck tarballs21:45
sndi will do tommorow. sorry im too tired21:48
EickmeyerNo worries, and no rush. :)21:49
* OvenWerks does first ever try at dual boot on new laptop...22:07
OvenWerksshrink ntfs complete. installing 22.04.22:08
* OvenWerks has an acer spin 3 to play with22:09
EickmeyerNice! Hopefully if something goes wrong they'll actually honor their warranty.22:12
OvenWerksright now working through getting touchpad and tablet working and making the drive visible etc.22:15
OvenWerkstwo out of three so far22:16
arraybolt3Drive visible? Yikes, fighting with Intel RST?22:16
OvenWerksI got it working, system installed.22:16
arraybolt3Ah, nice.22:17
OvenWerksset touchpad to ps2 and that works. now I need special sauce kernel CL to make it see the tablet part.22:17
arraybolt3Sounds like fun, good luck!22:18
OvenWerkshuh, never noticed that before, one has to do an apt update before installing new sw22:23
OvenWerksmy guess is some few hundred updates too...22:23
EickmeyerOvenWerks: zita-alsa-pcmi headed to backports.23:06

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