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rfmhi hippo. 05:48
hippopotamusAnyone successfully run the gui in a browser with multiple separate users & systems? Let's say a server and a dozen or so ip's each for an individual user (+v6 ofc).05:52
hippopotamusCould the iface be confi05:52
rfmhippopotamus, there are several issues here, and I can't figure out what you are doing.  GUI in a browser? Uh, the Xubuntu GUI runs in a X server.  Dozens of IPs for each user?  what?   And v6? do you mean IPv6? and what does that have to do with it?05:59
rfmhippopotamus, in any case I'm off to bed.  06:02
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JoaoPedrosaHI all, I'd like some help to start an app on my ubuntu15:38
gnrpJoaoPedrosa: Hey15:38
JoaoPedrosaits listed nbut when i click it nothing happens15:39
JoaoPedrosai had trouble installing it, some dependent packaged was flauded, so I sought help on line and installed it via terminal15:40
JoaoPedrosabt now it doesnt run15:40
gnrpwhcih application are you talking about?15:42
gnrpand if you run it in the terminal, what does it say?15:46
JoaoPedrosadidnt try. what is the command?15:47
gnrpI don't know. I would just try stremio15:48
JoaoPedrosastremio: error while loading shared libraries: libcrypto.so.1.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory15:49
gnrptry installing  libssl-dev15:51
gnrpah, sorry,wait15:51
gnrpyes, try libssl-dev15:51
JoaoPedrosainstalling libssl-dev did something but the error remains exactly the same15:54
JoaoPedrosawhen trying to run stremio app15:54
JoaoPedrosai followed this thread; https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/724117/how-to-manually-download-and-install-libcrypto-so-1-1-and-libssl-so-1-1-with-pac?noredirect=1&lq=1      to get the missing libs16:30
JoaoPedrosabut now the issue is to put them into their place16:30

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