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meenaminimal: where even is get_partition_mbr_layout() called?14:56
minimalHi. It, and get_partition_gpt_layout, are called when you specify partition(s) to be created14:58
minimalmeena: https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/blob/main/cloudinit/config/cc_disk_setup.py#L71715:00
meenawhat's get_dyn_16:01
minimalso it calls either get_partition_mbr_layout() or get_partition_gpt_layout() depending on the value of table_typr16:15
meenaminimal: ah, i thought it might be a python builtin16:26
* meena sometimes feels like she doesn't know enough, and knows too much about Linux16:39
minimalmeena: re disk_setup, does freebsd even have the various programs that this uses? 17:34
meenaminimal: it's got equivalents in base, or you can install the others from ports17:46
minimalmeena: ok, just wondering if it has ever been tested for FreeBSD, considering that the module is tagged as for all distros...17:50
meenahttps://man.freebsd.org/gpart(8) and the much much older https://man.freebsd.org/fdisk(8)17:51
meenaminimal: i haven't, but i'd like to be able to provision VMs with extra storage17:52
minimalmeena: but the module doesn't use gpart of fdisk, only sfdisk or sgdisk...17:52
minimals/of /or /17:52
minimalso I guess the answer is it doesn't (currently) work for BSDs and so the ALL_DISTROS line should be changed17:53
meenayeah, I think i have a bug open for that17:54
meenaor, you know, for implementing FreeBSD compatibility, at least17:54
minimaloh? don't think I noticed that, I searched launchpad recently for disk_setup bugs17:54
meenadon't know enough about OpenBSD and NetBSD to implement those as well,17:55
minimalmeena: BTW, for cc_ca_certs I have some FreeBSD support implemented (as part of a general overhaul of that module)17:56
minimalI hope to raise a draft PR maybe in the next week once I finish some local testing at which point I'd ask if you could test it for FreeBSD17:56
minimalthere was a lot wrong with that module so I've been fixing it up17:57
meenaI can imagine17:57
minimalthe FreeBSD stuff is for FreeBSD 12 (12.2?) where the certctl tool was added17:58
meenaI looked into fixing up the Puppet module back in the day, and gave up, mostly.17:58
meenayeah, but that's all supported FreeBSDs then? isn't it?17:59
minimalyou tell me, you're the FreeBSD expert ;-)17:59
meenaOpenBSD: https://man.openbsd.org/disklabel.8 i can only find interactive uses of this thing tho18:03
meenahttps://www.freebsd.org/where/ yupp, 11 is EOL18:04
minimallooks like gpart is the tool to use on FreeBSD18:09
minimalthink I'm going to write a PR to add ALL_LINUX_DISTROS and ALL_BSD_DISTROS definitions in addition to the existing ALL_DISTROS18:11
meenaI think i talked about this with blackboxsw? and he disagreed that it would be very useful, given how, once something doesn't work on one Linux distro, the implementations vary so widely18:27
minimalwell I'm thinking of it in the context of changing cc_disk_setup from ALL_DISTROS now to ALL_LINUX_DISTROS as it (currently) obviously doesn't support BSD yet18:29
meenayeah, but, like, you could split that almost infinitely18:30
meenalike, all debian distros, and then more specifically, all Ubuntu distros and so forth18:31
minimalyes, there are "family" definitions already in c-i18:31
meenaI lost track of how rhel splits these days, with CentOS gone18:31
minimalif you look in cloudinit/distros/__init__.py you'll see these18:32
minimalincluding freebsd defined as freebsd and dragonfly18:32

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