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lsd|2n n n  n nmbn02:02
lsd|2cleaning dust from keyboard from goose duvet02:03
arthuri am getting a strange error every 24 hours...."the number of errors has increase from <value> to <value> this may be indiciative of a failing hard drive....however windows smartdrive shows no errors not even when extensivly tested....is there a way to find out exactly what is going on? the drive is an NVME M.208:36
arthuroh and i forgot my nicname here...but have registered it with my email address....how to recover?08:37
arthurah i got the error...took some time to find it, but here it is08:41
arthur12/29/22 1:20 AMsmartdDevice: /dev/nvme0, number of Error Log entries increased from 16478 to 1649208:41
arthurwindows says everythings peachy keen...and the drive it's self seems to be functioning perfectly fine...so whats the real deal? is there a way to find out?08:41
IrcsomeBot<schickotronics> what does smartmon tell about your drive?08:44
arthursmart drive in linux lists 15 errors....windows lists 008:47
arthurthis is why i am confused...same drive....diffrent results08:48
arthurso either smartdrive for windows is full of bulldoogy....or linux has a glitch in it's smartdrive program08:50
* arthur will admit the error could very well be between the floor and the keyboard.....08:51
arthurthe other strange thing is that the drive seems to be functioning normally....i've not noticed any deterioration from when i bought it april of this year08:52
IrcsomeBot<schickotronics> I do not know about the windows tool. Smartmon reads the harddrive log directly afaik. So I would tend to believe that the results are true08:55
arthuri do not know either how reliable smartdrive is in windows either.....but i would assume that they both read the logs the same way...the diagnostic program i got for windows tells me that the drive is completely ok and there's no counters in any of the error fields....linux shows no less than 1508:56
arthuri would imagine there's not to many ways to read the smartdrive info08:56
arthurthe only thing i know right now...is that i have a normally functioning M.2 that windows says is fine...but linux says is bad.....and that's as far as i have gotten08:58
arthuralso i'm getting a dmesg error about a file called 50-rsyslog.conf....basically it says that on or before line 10 there's something not right.....i looked at the file...and because i am not famillar with it...i cannot tell what is or isn't supposed to be....09:07
arthurhere's the file09:09
arthurand since when do pastebin make you login to post somthing O_o09:10
arthurok now i am really confused....dmesg reports the smartdrive error...i open partition and right click on my drive and select smart status...and it comes back clean...no errors....overall assesment healthy, self tests success, bad sectors...none........smart status (checkmark) good09:25
arthurso something in linux is fibbing09:25
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IrcsomeBot<Gecko250> Hi what's the obvious way of transferring android text messages to Kubuntu?15:34
mparilloNever tried it, but have you investigated KDE Connect?15:39
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IrcsomeBot<Gecko250> not yet (re @IrcsomeBot: <mparillo> Never tried it, but have you investigated KDE Connect?)17:37
IrcsomeBot<Koobsicle> HI, any gamers here versed on getting Witcher 3 working via Steam?18:38
IrcsomeBot<Koobsicle> I've mucking around on ProtonDB, but no luck on a solution18:39
IrcsomeBot<Koobsicle> I've been mucking around on ProtonDB, but no luck on a solution18:40
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IrcsomeBot<Gecko250> How do I add pinch to zoom in/out for Kubuntu touch pad on X11?19:42
IrcsomeBot<Gecko250> Note: Touchpad for libinput19:42
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> @Koobsicle should just be click and play, what version of Proton have you tried?21:59
IrcsomeBot<Koobsicle> All of them, lol. None of them work (re @ahoneybun: @Koobsicle should just be click and play, what version of Proton have you tried?)22:13
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> I played last week with Proton Experimental I think22:13
IrcsomeBot<Koobsicle> No go. Even attempted GE proton22:14
IrcsomeBot<Koobsicle> It doesn't even launch. The play button goes back to play within a few seconds22:18
IrcsomeBot<Koobsicle> Not just Witcher. Any other game not launching. Now this is on a separate HDD from where the kubuntu OS resides22:19

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