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lolek_alkisg: hi, not sure you remember me but some time ago you gave me a link to https://github.com/stcz/initramfs-tools-network-hook for getting vlan working in initramfs, long story short I'd like to know if you're using it and if you found any problems with it?18:27
lolek_alkisg, I'm asking cause it seems for me on debian 11.5 it's not willing to work :(18:30
alkisglolek_: no I'm not using it my switches support vlan per port18:46
lolek_alkisg, yes mine to but I need to have two vlans over one nic 18:47
lolek_hence I need to handle this on the box not on the switch18:47
alkisgI only need that for the servers not the clients18:47
lolek_well the box I'm using is a server.. file server but need to be visible in two vlans18:48
lolek_so I prefer to have it two address from two different vlans over one NIC18:49
lolek_then I can expose required services on the needed network 18:49
alkisgIn my servers networking is brought up after the initramfs,  so I'm using network manager 18:49
lolek_no go I need it earlier because of encryption18:51
alkisgYeh I get it18:52
JanCif the server has 2 NICs, you could still set up 2 VLANs on the switch, of course...18:52
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JanC(if you can't get the software solution to work...)18:54
lolek_JanC, only one nic... it's for home use so second nic would increase power consumption18:54
lolek_right now I got down up to 9W when idle with 1 ssd18:55
lolek_JanC, yeah that's an option of a last resort, right now the system already handle that the only problem is the initramfs and dropbear18:56
JanChome switch probably has less ports available also  :)18:56
lolek_JanC, I've got 16 port switch, had to upgrade since the old one was not enough already :D18:57
JanCmore ports = more power consumption for switches too  :)18:57
lolek_JanC, yes but there's only 8 or 1618:57
lolek_nothing in between and when ports are not used, they're shut off so it's not like always 100% energy18:58
JanCthe processors in those switches have to be capable to handle all the traffic when all are in use though18:58
JanCOTOH, maybe those home switches aren't designed to run all ports at full speed all the time  :)18:59
lolek_JanC, previous switch max power usage was 3.3 it was dump 8 port switch, now I've got managed switch 16 port and according to the spec sheet it's 10W I understand that it's when all ports are in use19:01
lolek_but yeah... not much I can do with that I need 11 ports so 19:01
lolek_and vlans :D19:01
JanCI need to buy a non-dumb switch for home some day...19:02
lolek_JanC, pick up carefully ... tp-link has better power efficency but lacks some functionality, d-link has that but use more power19:06
lolek_I can also say that I'm quite positively surprised with d-link support19:06
JanCyeah, it's why I haven't bought one yet; first need to figure out what I want exactly19:07
lolek_JanC, now I need to buy another switch also managed19:07
lolek_JanC, pm? so we won't spam here19:07
JanCit's not a "soon" project for me probably, and by the time I buy one TP-link might be better than D-link, or there might be another better option still, etc.  :)19:09
alkisgWhy do you need vlans at the initramfs? You can unlock the encryption with vlan1 = native, and initialize vlan2 later on19:14
lolek_JanC, there was a problem between tp-link and d-link, the first one was missing some functionality I think it was link aggregation 19:14
lolek_alkisg, on switch the port is set to trunk so I need tagged packets 19:14
lolek_alkisg, if packes won't be tagget switch won't pass it up to the router19:15
lolek_ok, need to go, alkisg JanC thanks for the conv19:19

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