arraybolt3I see that there's a libfm-qt upload in Lunar that is still waiting in -proposed as part of a recent Qt transition, I believe. It's been there for a while. I intended to upload some modifications to that package, is it acceptable to do so while it's still waiting in -proposed, or should I wait until it migrates to release?20:44
arraybolt3Also I see there's a couple regressions that need sorted out before the Qt transition finishes, so I may look into those and try to help with them.20:46
RikMillsarraybolt3: generally you should avoid uploading things which ate in proposed as part of an ongoing transition. in this case the Qt transition is possibly not migrating any time soon, so you might ask the person driving the transition for their opinion20:49
RikMillsin this case that is mitya5720:50
arraybolt3RikMills: OK, that makes sense.20:51
arraybolt3I see that the thing that's hung up Qt is the presence of python3.11 in lunar-proposed. Is this something I should stay out of, or can I try to investigate and find a solution?20:51
arraybolt3(I think some deps just needed changed and tests run on some FreeCAD dependencies.)20:52
RikMillsI had seen those fails but not looked. could just need tests retrying with better triggers (which I just had an initial try at)20:57
arraybolt3I just looked at the logs, there's a bunch of deps that require python3 << 3.11, but python3 3.11 is in -proposed. I assume once those deps are unstuck everything should flow through.20:57
arraybolt3If it's permissible for me to try working on that, I'll tackle that next, otherwise if I should leave this to those who are already working on it, I'll find something else to help with.20:58
RikMillsif you get the triggers correct, you can often avoid the test falling back to using all packages from proposed, which could resolve the issue20:59
arraybolt3Ah, OK.20:59
RikMillsanyway, I have set some retries running. lets see the results of that 1st21:00
RikMillslooks like pyside2 needs fixing for python 3.11, or the build against it be removed from proposed?21:50
RikMillsthe python rebuild replaced the Qt rebuild in proposed :(22:02
RikMillsarraybolt3: ^^ this is exactly why you try not to rebuild things in proposed that are part of a transition22:06
arraybolt3Oh no. Well that makes sene of how things work with transitions and why you don't want to clog things up.22:15

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