wish8Hey guys! Im trying to launch an ubuntu-cloud image in a vm, but Im getting this error.01:25
wish8Starting serial terminal on interface serial0.01:25
wish8The issue: It stays on this screen. As if the os is not initializing.01:25
wish8The proxmox server is nested through vmware vm.01:25
wish8I have also enabled virtualization01:25
wish8image: jammy-server-cloudimg-arm64.img01:25
wish8Steps I took:01:25
wish8create 100 --memory 2048 --balloon 1 --core 3 --name ubuntu-cloud --net0 virtio,bridge=vmbr0 --serial0 socket --vga serial0 --scsihw virtio-scsi-pci --scsi0 local-lvm:vm:-100disk-001:25
wish8Then initialized and mounted a cloudinit drive.01:25
wish8Any ideas on whats going on?01:25
SuperLagWhen the install is complete, the default is to reboot the machine. Is there a way I can get it to shut down, instead? I'd rather not power off hard if I don't have to. I'm installing it in a VM, and I want to disconnect the VM or it'll boot from it on the next boot, by default.05:35
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