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xu-irc12wCould could anyone help here? Is xubuntu redy for remote access?14:59
diogenes_Vx15xu-irc12w: what is remote access?15:00
xu-irc12wxrdp or xorg15:01
diogenes_Vx15xu-irc12w: is that something DE specific?15:02
xu-irc12wVPN access15:05
diogenes_Vx15VPN also has nothing to do with DE, it's network manager.15:06
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xu-irc68wis there a xubuntu 18 server and where can i download the iso?20:57
arraybolt3xu-irc68w: Xubuntu does not have a server variant. There is Ubuntu 18.04 Server however.21:07
arraybolt3Ubuntu 18.04 goes out of support in April 2023, which is just a few months off. Are you sure you want to use that?21:08
arraybolt3The current latest version of Ubuntu Server LTS is 22.04, which is supposed to be supported until April 2027.21:09
xu-irc68wThanks for the clarification. I do work with xubuntu 18 desktop on my job. I am more than reluctant to change to Ubuntu - packages included and I think the folder structure are different. AttemptsĀ  changing to xubuntu20 were painful - and I only will do it when I really have to do it and can dedicate the time. I do not recall fromt he top of my21:15
xu-irc68whead what network configuratons were, renamed, removed or changed changed.21:15
xu-irc68wI wanted to setup a xubutu 18 basedĀ  system with software raid. In principle it worked but one day late does not boot again. From looking around I figured that a server edition might simplify things. if it is not available, I will have to rethink.21:17
xu-irc68wMany thanks21:19

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