feurigSo if we were looking to ask stupid questions like how do I make maas.io's tutorial work on a fresh ubuntu server actually work is there a channel / resource to go to???01:31
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rbasakfeurig: you could try https://discourse.maas.io/02:57
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feurigrbasak: Thank you!16:19
HyoominDoes Ubuntu Server come with Lynis preinstalled? Also, what's its default Lynis score?19:28
oerheksHyoomin, no.19:29
oerhekshere is an howto; https://linuxways.net/ubuntu/how-to-install-lynis-on-ubuntu-20-04/19:29
oerheksshould work for later supported versions too, i guess19:30
HyoominThe problem I have with that is that it requires you to connect your currently unsecured server to the internet just to download the thing that tells you how it needs to be secured **before** you hook it up to the internet. A bit of a chicken-and-egg problem.19:31
HyoominFair enough for end users that just want to tinfoil hat their desktops, but it seems just about useless for people who take securing their servers seriously.19:31
oerheksinstall server, enable firewall, and this repo uses https19:32
HyoominThe goal here is to harden the server **before** connecting it to the internet.19:32
oerheksthen get a mirror of ubuntu and that lynis package offline.19:33
oerheksgee, how far can you trust yourself19:34
HyoominIt's not myself that I have a problem with, it's everything in-between my server and the Ubuntu repos.19:34
HyoominI mean, if Ubuntu Server had a default Lynis score of 100 out of the box, then I wouldn't **have** to worry about that.19:35
oerheksone ease is the daily iso https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/jammy/daily-live/current/19:37
oerheksfor the rest, i have no other suggestions to limit problems19:38

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