OvenWerksEickmeyer: linux-oem * shows all the way up to 6.0, Is there reason to choose 5.17 over 6.0?18:55
OvenWerksEickmeyer: linux-oem-22.04a fails to boot on this machine. Back to liquorix :P this means dkms for anbox19:31
Eickmeyer[m]OvenWerks: You could try linux-oem-22.04b for the 6.0 kernel too.20:28
Eickmeyer[m]I mean, it's a pretty new machine, so I wouldn't be surprised if it needed that new of a kernel.20:29
Eickmeyer[m]And dkms for anbox sounds like par for the course. Make sure you have secure boot off.20:29
OvenWerksEickmeyer[m]: ubuntu 20.10 is supposed to have a kernel that includes the right modules for anbox. That must be a ubuntu thing because liquorix does not (6.1 right now). I don't know if 22.10 has a kernel that will work with my touch screen/tablet or not though.23:03
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Maybe. 22.10 has 5.19.23:04
EickmeyerI know it's recommended to install as a snap.23:05
OvenWerkshuh. I don't know. The more I get working with what I have the less I feel like redoing the install :)23:05
OvenWerksThat was what I thought too. Then I went to the snap install and it said "not recomended"23:06
OvenWerks So I am back to the anbox web site following their install step by step.23:06
OvenWerksI may do the make, make install thing in the end.23:06
OvenWerksThere is just the one bit of sw I want. And it seems either I get anbox going or I create my own...23:07
OvenWerksopenlp can sort of do what I want but it is rather heavy for the little bit I want  :)23:09
OvenWerksThere are lots of applicaions/utilities that make pdfs but nothing for live work like all the android applications.23:10
OvenWerksThe other alternative is to learn to play from Nashville notations. chordii doesn't do that because it doesn't recognize {key: *} as valid, maybe it's too old. chordpro or wxchordpro do but I get errors if I try to use their auto generated config file and just change the font size which would otherwise be too small.23:13
OvenWerksI suspect if I was to install the MS fonts it may work... but I would rather have a proper solution anyway.23:16
EickmeyerHave you tried Freeshow yet?23:17
OvenWerkstyping freeshow in muon turns up linux-show-play :)23:18
OvenWerksewww, it uses electron?23:19
OvenWerksit is a presenter. Open LP does that quite well23:19
OvenWerksTotal downloads 0?23:21
OvenWerkshuh, and the one thing I am looking for is "TBA"23:22
EickmeyerOvenWerks: I snapped it.23:26
Eickmeyersudo snap install freeshow23:26
EickmeyerIt's installed by default in 22.1023:26
EickmeyerIt's basically made to compete with ProPresenter.23:27
OvenWerksmind you, the docs seem outdated. They have a comparison with different programs and some of the features I have used in openlp they say are not there.23:27
OvenWerksYes I get that. open lp does that too23:27
OvenWerkslyricue same thing23:27
EickmeyerOpenLP is much harder to use in my experience.23:27
OvenWerkslyricue is even harder :)23:28
EickmeyerI showed Freeshow to a friend of mine who is highly critical of OpenLP and he said, "This I might be able to get behind."23:28
EickmeyerThis is someone who uses ProPresenter on everything.23:29
OvenWerksI should try it then. I am looking for a presenter as well23:29
OvenWerks we are using PP for everything right now23:29
EickmeyerYeah. ProPresenter is very pricy.23:29
OvenWerksthey are looking at spending the big bucks for propresenter23:30
OvenWerksPP = power point23:30
OvenWerksAll of the people who create slids have PP on their home computer23:30
OvenWerksproP not23:30
EickmeyerRenewed Vision knows they have the market cornered on presentation software for churches with ProPresenter, so they charge huge $$$ and give you extremely buggy software.23:31
OvenWerkssounds like messysoft23:31
EickmeyerExcept Microsoft knows they lost the server market and have given up there.23:33
OvenWerksfreeshow 0.6.2 from Erich Eickmeyer (eeickmeyer) installed23:33
EickmeyerYep, not the author, but am definitely the packager.23:33
EickmeyerI made that known on the snapcraft page.23:33
OvenWerkscan I turn the pink off?23:34
EickmeyerYeah, change the theme.23:34
OvenWerksterminal gives me dayglow green :P23:35
EickmeyerI mean, if you're into that. :P23:35
OvenWerksblack is not bad23:35
OvenWerksdark is ok.23:36
EickmeyerSetting up a stage display is pretty cool. Open a browser, set it to an IP address with a port number, full-screen it on a screen, and BOOM!23:36
OvenWerksyeah, openlp does that too.23:37
OvenWerksopen lp has a qr code, point you tablet at it and it goes there23:37
EickmeyerThat must be new because last time I tried OpenLP it required a physically connected monitor. Of course, that was 5 years ago.23:37
OvenWerksyeah, like I said, a lot of the things FreeShow says openlp doesn't have... they do.23:39
OvenWerksAs happens we already have a physical connection to all screens to use power point23:40
OvenWerkswe use an hdmi splitter23:40
OvenWerksEickmeyer: I am already confused, how do I add a song?23:44
EickmeyerUnder shows on the lower left, click songs, then under bottom center click "New show".23:45
EickmeyerYou can also import stuff via File > Import23:46
OvenWerksI think it is stuck in some mode none of those work23:46
EickmeyerOh, make sure you're in the "Show" mode, top center.23:46
EickmeyerAnd "Shows" middle-left.23:47
OvenWerksI am from who knows when, and some of the GUI works and a lot of it is frozzen23:47
OvenWerksshows middle left does not respond23:47
EickmeyerSounds like it's frozen. Weird.23:48
OvenWerkstop right X doesn't respond23:48
EickmeyerYep, it's frozen.23:48
EickmeyerMight have to kill it.23:48
EickmeyerFWIW, it's never frozen on me.23:48
EickmeyerThe dev admits he needs a ton more testing on it.23:49
OvenWerkskill doesn't work so kill -923:49
Eickmeyerkillall freeshow23:49
Eickmeyerkill requires the pid.23:51
OvenWerksps x says they are all gone but I can't restart23:51
EickmeyerStrange. I had no issue when I used killall freeshow along with you.23:52
OvenWerksI tried the commandline from the desktop file in a terminal and it just returns, no error or anything.23:53
OvenWerksI used kill -9 on the first one opened23:54
OvenWerksIt killed them all (being the parent I would guess)23:54
EickmeyerI wonder if that killed snapd....23:54
OvenWerksFF still starts and stops23:55
EickmeyerTry "snap run freeshow"23:55
OvenWerkssame, no error just returns to command prompt23:56
EickmeyerVery strange.23:59
EickmeyerTry to relog, if that doesn't work, try to reboot. (I hate to put that on you, but something got killed weird).23:59

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