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GlenDavis[m]OvenWerks, thanks  a lot for the reply... I realized I've left out some crucial information: it's actually a mini displayport that my Thinkpad has (connected to the MB) that I use with an adapter for my firewire device... the DP does work with an external monitor + hdmi adapter, so I can at least confirm that it's working for display purposes.... perhaps I need to enable it work with firewire as well? there is no /fw0 or /fw1 in my16:32
GlenDavis[m]/dev folder, nor are there firewire modules in lsmod or any trace of firewire (or even mDP) in the BIOS16:32
Eickmeyer[m]Glen Davis: You can't simply adapt mini displayport (or USB or Thunderbolt) to Firewire. The port must also have the chipset to support IEEE 1394 as well, and most modern motherboards do not as Firewire is no longer manufactured except as PCI add-on boards for desktop computers.18:13
GlenDavis[m]Eickmeyer: would you say that given everything worked on the previous motherboard (i.e. the firewire device with the adapter into the mini display port and Ubuntu 20.04), that the new motherboard simply doesn't support IEEE 1394, even though it's the exact same model number?... I'm really hoping there's just something that needs to be configured in the firmware/software 18:50
Eickmeyer[m]It's very possible that they left out the IEE 1394 firmware with the newest revision. IEEE 1394 is very expensive and if they didn't have the chips left, they probably left it out.18:51
oerheksGlenDavis[m], check for a BIOS update?18:51
OvenWerksI think a firewire to thunderbolt adaptor should work as the firewire stuff would all be in the adaptor the same as a PCIe firewire board18:53
Eickmeyer[m]OvenWerks: It's a laptop.18:54
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oerheksor do a proper bios reset; turn off, remove battery, push power for 10 sec, and put in battery again18:54
GlenDavis[m]oerheks: interesting, I'll give that a try... just reading about BIOS updates, etc first18:56
OvenWerksEickmeyer[m]: yes, I understand that but USB3 or thunderbold are supposed to be similar to a PCIe stream. As such a thunderbolt wirewire card _should_ have all that is needed.18:57
GlenDavis[m]It may be worth saying OvenWerks that you helped me resolve this issue a few years ago by reverting to an older version of Ubuntu Studio18:58
OvenWerksGlenDavis[m]: if /dev/fw0 does not show up fw is not working at all.19:00
OvenWerksI think even the alsa fw stack needs that much19:01
GlenDavis[m]OvenWerks: interesting... perhaps Eickmeyer is correct in suggesting the new MB may not have the proper IEEE 1394 capabilities... may explain why the miniDP works with HDMI but not firewire... I'm still researching how best to try updating the BIOS and whether there's a chance that will make a difference19:25
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