JackFrostarraybolt3: FWIW, Xubuntu only does 3 year LTSes.  While yes the underlaying Ubuntu is 5, that only covers main and a lot of Xubuntu is in universe.00:40
arraybolt3JackFrost: Right, sorry, forgot about that.00:46
JackFrostFirst thought for people wanting to stick on 18.04 is that they have i386 hardware.  Not the case here though.00:46
alan_70Parla in #italiano07:56
lichois eneyone here?08:58
kkkssfNo :)08:59
kkkssfhello btw08:59
Kuschelponytoo late for licho09:01
Kuschelponyfrom my side, best wishes for a new year of Xubuntu09:01
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diogenes_Vx15!hi | aleksandr15:52
ubottualeksandr: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!15:52
johnmillsHi, am brand new to all of this.  Want to use my Lenovo yoga laptop to run Klipper for my 3D printer. I have found some videos on how to use Xubuntu to achieve this, and since I am a noob, planned to follow the directions faithfully.  However, I don't want to single purpose the laptop, and would like to dual boot windows AND a workable ?ubuntu. I15:52
aleksandrjust put the xubuntu.iso file on the flash drive with Ventoy but when booting my iMac 2013 i get from Ventoy that no UEFI boot file found15:52
johnmillssee instructions on how to set up regular Ubuntu. Suggestions?15:52
johnmillsalso new to this channel, liberia.chat, etc15:54
aleksandrhow can the UEFI boot file be missing if i can see that xubuntu iso is on the flashdisk15:54
aleksandrmy iMac has only 4GB DDR RAM so its too slow for Ubuntu so i want xubuntu15:57
diogenes_Vx15aleksandr: but does it boot ubuntu?15:58
aleksandrbut all the Web browsers constantly crash15:58
aleksandrfirefox chromium opera15:58
diogenes_Vx15then just install ubuntu and then install xubuntu-desktop package and tell you honestly it's not ubuntu's fault, modern web browsers are way too memory hungry, a simple facebook tab can tak 1 GB of memory.15:59
aleksandrso i burned a Ventoy to a usb flash drive and put the xubuntu iso on it but after i get the USB flashdrive appear at the bootup screen and pressing enter Ventroy it says UEFI boot file is not found16:00
diogenes_Vx15aleksandr: try writing the ISO directly without ventoy.16:00
aleksandri will install Xubuntu instead of ubuntu on my Dual boot iMac 2k1316:02
aleksandrok rebooting now to install xubuntu16:03
johnmillsOk, sorry.  Just read the help guidelines.  So, how do I set up a dual boot Xubuntu on a Lenovo Yoga Y10 with existing Windows 10, 16 gb memory, i7-7500 cpu.  I have already shrunk the partition and set one up to recieve the Xubuntu.16:05
diogenes_Vx15johnmills: how did you do that?16:07
johnmillsits fairly straightforward.  Go to disk manager, select the partition, I think right click, and select "shrink partition" or something like that.  Then enter the amount you want to shrink the existing partiton, then activate the new piece with a drive letter etc.  I googled dual boot ubuntu windows 10, and there were lots of guides. Not sure16:11
johnmillswhich link I looked at, sorry.  Was not sure if I could just substute the Xubuntu for the Ubuntu in the steps16:11
johnmillsfrom windows 10 of course16:12
diogenes_Vx15johnmills: so how much free space did you make?>16:12
johnmills150 gb out of a 1 tb ssd16:13
diogenes_Vx15ok now boot Xubuntu off the USB drive.16:13
johnmillsOk, one min.  From the previous website. I just flashed the downloaded ISO to the USB using balenaEtcher.  Not sure if that makes a bootable disk, but tarting up the boot manager, selected boot from USB.  Then I got a menu that allowed "try or install", so I guess it does!  Clicked.  Ok, NOW I see a message that says I can install it alongside16:27
johnmillsor instead of current op system.  Dont remember seeing that before I created the new partion.  I have to use a magnifying glass to see it...its a 4k screen.16:27
diogenes_Vx15johnmills: lol that's something new with magnifying glasss.16:28
johnmillsyeah, hoping I can change screen resolution soon!16:29
diogenes_Vx15ok you ho through the installation steps until you reach partitioning, there you have to choose manual paritioning and once you reach that, let us know.16:29
johnmillswill do, thanks16:30
johnmillsOk, so now I have to learn a few more things.  After activating wifi, I get a message saying I have to turn off intel Rapid Storage Technology.  It gives a cr cod and help.ubuntu.com/rst link16:35
johnmillsgoing there now16:35
johnmillsthis is going to take a while.  also, wife just called me to breakfast, and her op sys commands overule all!  back soon, and thanks16:40
aleksandrwell xubuntu runs much better then Ubuntu17:31
johnmillswell, so much for help.ubuntu.com/rst.  Did what they said, it blue screened like they said it might, but none of the "fixes" are accessable.  bricked without a restore.18:11
johnmillssigh....failure.  Apparently for a Lenovo Yoga 910, Windows must be completely reinstalled in AHCI disk mode before it will dual boot any flavor of Linux derived OS's.  Lots of consequences also.18:29
johnmillsSuccess.  Found the right video that explicitly shows how to do it on the Lenovo Yoga 910.  Now, am at the point I have three selections....install alongside Windows 10 boot manager, erase windows and disk (NO NO NO), and "something else".  I expect diogenes_Vx15 was going to guide me into the something else, but now he is gone.  Does anyone22:45
johnmillselse know what to do from this point.  I have previously set up a separate partition for Xubuntu to reside in by shrinking the existing C and making a new partition and drive letter.22:45
johnmillsI am new here, sorry, I expect many do not know what I am doing.  Trying to install dual boot Xubuntu on a Windows 10 Lenovo Yoga 910 laptop, 16gb mem, 1TB ssd.  I have previously setup a separate 150gb partition and drive "X" on the ssd, and used balenEtcher to flash the Xubuntu iso to the USB.  Apparently that made it bootable also.  I am now22:54
johnmillsat the install stage, and have the choices shown above.22:54
johnmillsI previously had to figure out how to get the RST disk controller mode reset to ACHI.  It was finicky but straightforward once I found the right steps.  lenovos are finicky22:55
johnmillsin general22:55
johnmillsOh well, taking the default.  Wondering if I am doing something wrong on the chat page.  Awfully quiet for so many people here....23:02

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