ThomasWard[m]stupid question: any output logs in syslog?00:00
ThomasWard[m]snap logs don't always go to stderr00:00
ThomasWard[m]because confinement, etc.00:00
ThomasWard[m]just, you know, snaps being snaps.00:00
ThomasWard[m]<Eickmeyer> "killall freeshow" <- pass -9 in there for a nuclear strike on all processes too (SIGKILL)00:00
OvenWerksThomasWard[m]: theres nothing running in ps x00:01
ThomasWard[m](I'm late to the discussion sorry)00:01
OvenWerksreboot did not fix :)00:03
OvenWerksrm -r ~/snap/freeshow00:16
OvenWerksthat worked00:16
EickmeyerSounds like the prefs got corrupted then.00:18
OvenWerksOk, I have a show, I have songs selected. I have added a slide (which sounds wrong... but where do I pull in a song from?00:21
OvenWerksI would think I can pull in a chordpro file and it would split it into slides automatically00:21
OvenWerks(just from using openlp)00:22
OvenWerksOk, I have pulled it in as a text file. so import. There is no import songs... no direct import from a website00:25
OvenWerksIt does not know how to deal with chordpro files00:25
EickmeyerAh, bummer. Well, it was worth a shot.00:26
EickmeyerI think direct import from a website is on the roadmap, but it's just one dev, so it'll take time.00:27
OvenWerkstimers is the problem. when I click on the timers button it frezzes.00:28
OvenWerksEickmeyer: snap removed. I think openlp is much nicer than what I have seen so far... I am not thrilled with that either :) but it works, it is easier to use (I think anyway) and it directly import lyrics from file or Inet00:33
EickmeyerYeah, that's fair.00:34
OvenWerksof course the main thing is freezing is not acceptable00:34
EickmeyerRight. Perhaps could you report that to the dev? https://github.com/vassbo/freeshow/issues00:35
OvenWerks(or going into a mode where most actions are turned off with no obvious way of getting out)00:35
EickmeyerI honestly am not in an environment anymore where I can use it regularly, I just want to make sure it's available so people can test and use it.00:35
EickmeyerBTW, I can duplicate that bug.00:36
OvenWerksI suspect there is a keystroke or button that turns the timer off... I just don't know what.00:38
OvenWerksEickmeyer: https://freeshow.app/docs/styling is a good page to have in general00:39
EickmeyerOh, absolutely. I've seen so many churches completely miss this.00:40
OvenWerkslyricue is the oldest and has lots of good things about it, but it's server client setup is not obviously easy to set up00:40
OvenWerksopenLP seems to be the next most mature of the bunch00:41
OvenWerksopensong is easier to use, I think, but not as nice in the long run.00:43
OvenWerksopensong is much easier to use actually, but it is limited in what it can do it seems.00:50
OvenWerkssessioncharts comes up fg/bg both white01:05
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Using the webapp or...?01:41
OvenWerksthe snap... actually I can't tell if there is anything at all in there I am just assuming there is something there because of changing cursor or whatever. I did try changing system themes to see if that would help. The webapp is broken in a different way. It opts out on chordpro files it doesn't like commands in. It should ignore things it doesn't know and show everything else.01:44
OvenWerksso both are bad.01:44
EickmeyerThe snap hasn't seen an update in over a year, so I'm not surprised by that.01:46
OvenWerksYeah, the web page says to prefer the webap I suppose it can be run locally too?01:47
OvenWerksbut the webapp doesn't work anyway.01:47
OvenWerksso back to anbox I guess01:47
EickmeyerThe web app only runs locally in a Chromium-based browser, I guess.01:49
OvenWerksAh, I should try it in chromium?01:53
EickmeyerMight work better.01:56
OvenWerksnope, I can't even import local files (no error) not added to the songs list.01:57
Eickmeyer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯01:59
OvenWerksSo far my experience with snap applications has not been stellar...02:00
OvenWerksI suspect that is about the included libs. Whatever is not included has to use system libs02:01
OvenWerksFF has the resources to test on enough different ystems to catch that stuff I guess.02:02
OvenWerksSo effectively snap encourages a dev to spend even less time keeping up with other software deveopment that they depend on.02:04
EickmeyerNot exactly. Snaps roll-up a core of the OS followed by any of their dependent libs. They use no outside libs at all.02:11
OvenWerksWhat I would expect but the quality of snap apps has been (so far) not exceptional.02:12
OvenWerksFF has been pretty good aside from the anoying your app will up date in 14 days so you better close it over and over again.02:13
OvenWerks(maybe they have fixed that, I haven't seen one in a bit on this machine)02:14
Eickmeyer"The snap file format is a single compressed filesystem using the SquashFS format with the extension .snap. This filesystem contains the application, libraries it depends on, and declarative metadata. This metadata is interpreted by snapd to set up an appropriately shaped secure sandbox for that application. After installation, the snap is mounted02:15
Eickmeyerby the host operating system and decompressed on the fly when the files are used."02:15
EickmeyerWhen you see that prompt, you can close it, open a terminal, "sudo snap refresh" and be done. They're actively working on a fix.02:17
EickmeyerBut yes, the Webapp capabilities of the Chromium snap are lacking, for sure.02:18
EickmeyerI think the best workaround for that is installing the chromium snap via "sudo snap install chromium --classic" to put it in classic confinement, which disables a lot of the sandboxing.02:18
OvenWerksEickmeyer: linux-oem-22.04b boots. and my touchscreen/stylis works04:17
EickmeyerOh, perfect!04:18
OvenWerksok, back to anbox :P https://docs.anbox.io/userguide/install_kernel_modules.html says 04:33
OvenWerksStarting with Ubuntu 19.04 binder and ashmem are now build with the standard Ubuntu kernel (>= 5.0) and you don’t have to install the modules from the PPA anymore.04:33
OvenWerksthen it says:$ sudo modprobe ashmem_linux04:34
OvenWerks$ sudo modprobe binder_linux04:34
OvenWerksthe first one fails but the seond one is ok.04:34
OvenWerksNow you should have two new nodes in your systems /dev directory: /dev/ashmem and /dev/binder04:35
OvenWerkshttps://salsa.debian.org/kernel-team/linux/blob/master/debian/patches/debian/android-enable-building-ashmem-and-binder-as-modules.patch says: Update:04:39
OvenWerksIn upstream commit 721412ed3d titled "staging: remove ashmem" the ashmem04:39
OvenWerksdriver was removed entirely. Secondary commit message:04:39
OvenWerksConsequently, the ashmem part of this patch has been removed.04:39
OvenWerks"The mainline replacement for ashmem is memfd, so remove the legacy04:39
OvenWerkscode from drivers/staging/"04:39
OvenWerksEickmeyer: so does that mean it will work or not?04:40
EickmeyerI don't know about anbox. I've never had luck with it.04:40
* OvenWerks is begining to see why04:47
OvenWerksi may be playing with wine next :p04:47
arraybolt3OvenWerks: Don't forget about Waydroid.04:54
OvenWerksarraybolt3: I did not know that existed04:55
arraybolt3OvenWerks: 04:55
arraybolt3It requires Wayland, but works pretty well in my experience.04:55
arraybolt3It's supposedly based on Anbox, but works way better and uses a newer version of Android under the hood.04:55
arraybolt3(I just loaded it into Weston and called it a day :P)04:55
OvenWerksdoes ubuntustudio even have wayland in it?04:56
arraybolt3OvenWerks: Not by default, but I think you can install kwin_wayland (if you like playing with fire that is).04:56
EickmeyerNot yet, but you can get it with "sudo apt install plasma-wayland-session" or something like that.04:56
OvenWerksanbox is no good it depends on modules that can't be used/ no longer exist.05:07
OvenWerksEickmeyer: close but that is not the package05:10
arraybolt3OvenWerks: That looks like it to me, the description says "This package contains the Wayland session."05:14
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Yes.05:20
OvenWerkshttps://github.com/anbox/anbox/issues/2042 says anbox is effectively dead (unless it is being run on an outdated kerenl05:28
-ubottu:#ubuntustudio-devel- Issue 2042 in anbox/anbox "ashmem being removed in upstream and Debian kernels" [Open]05:28
OvenWerkswayland displaays things funny06:14
OvenWerksmany of my saved settings are gone too. :P06:14
OvenWerkswaydroid uses lineage06:21
OvenWerksWaydroid successfully installed. The two apps I need are both available for it. (I actually only needed one of two)19:28
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