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CaineThanatosHappy new year , I have a little snafu, after upgrading xubuntu 22.04 to 22.10 , I can not install wine-stable / wine-staging anymore. it fails with message : The following packages have unmet dependencies:12:59
CaineThanatos libasound2-plugins:i386 : Depends: libavcodec59:i386 (>= 7:5.0)12:59
CaineThanatoswhen I want to install  libavcodec59:i386 , it wants to remove 99% of the applications (xfce, docker, gimp, vlc, deadbeef, etc,...)13:00
CaineThanatosis this a normal behaviour for 22.10 and the issue lays with current version of wine?13:01
CaineThanatosor what I fear an issue with another PPA13:04
CaineThanatosevening, I posted earlier about the wine installation issue on xubuntu 22.10 (after upgrade from 22.04) I did a full reinstall and now no more problem.. :)19:21

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