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meenaoh ho! https://freshbsd.org/freebsd/src/commit/62a149bf621947fb7475c64b1ff04fe19fe16b2911:56
meenawonder if the requires and before are enough for it to run before cloud-init 11:58
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meenaaciba: maybe someone should've told github-actions bot, that ye are on holidays13:36
meenahttps://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/1924 this needs a review13:36
-ubottu:#cloud-init- Pull 1924 in canonical/cloud-init "make the same authentication behavior for arm and x86 machine" [Open]13:36
meenathis also needs a review https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/192513:37
-ubottu:#cloud-init- Pull 1925 in canonical/cloud-init "fix for LP:1919045" [Open]13:37
meenahttps://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/1931 this looks good?13:54
-ubottu:#cloud-init- Pull 1931 in canonical/cloud-init "network/netplan: add gateways as on-link when necessary" [Open]13:54
acibameena: thanks for the ping, we will have a look on them.14:12
waldihmm, why only "if necessary"? the flag does not break if it is not necessary14:37
meenawaldi: hmm?14:39
waldiyou can add the flag without adverse effects even if it is not strictly needed. reduces the special cases14:40
meenawaldi: aye. 16:07
falcojrthe gateway not in subnet returns19:34
-ubottu:#cloud-init- Launchpad bug 2000596 in cloud-init "Netplan: Improve support for directly (on-link) connected gateways" [Undecided, New]19:34
falcojrthe "if gateway not in subnet then add 'on-link' to config" idea is interesting to me19:35
falcojrI'm trying to think if there's any reason that wouldn't work19:35
falcojrthe only possible way that config can work is if the gateway is on-link anyway, so it seems like that'd be a safe change to make19:36
meenait's interesting that this is only failing in netplan19:48
holmanb> because ifupdown always adds the "onlink" flag to the gateway20:16
holmanbthat's interesting20:16
minimalI don't think that'll work for Alpine currently as ifupdown-ng does not seem to have logic to use "onlink" in /e/n/i20:17
falcojrwell I think this would be for netplan only, and only if the gateway doesn't belong to the subnet20:21
minimalfalcojr: we were chatting before Xmas about some VPS providers that use /32 for IPv4 and also might use /128 for IPv6 and so the "on-link" stuff is relevant in general20:22
falcojryeah...I saw most of that. Helpful to know how a gateway could be on a different subnet20:23
minimalwell for a IPv4 /32 address the gateway of course has to be on a different subject ;-)20:24
minimalso Hetzner and OVH appear to allocate /32 addresses20:25
holmanbfalcojr: with that most recent bug, couldn't they just use the kind of netplan config that they asked for support for (declaring `on-link: true` under `routes:`)?20:25
holmanbsince they are on a system with netplan present it should just pass through20:27
falcojrholmanb: given that there's a network_data.json, this is probably an openstack config drive20:42
falcojrin that case you probably don't want your metadata hardcoded to a specific implementation20:43
falcojrbut...we could also add some kind of on-link option to our network configs rather than guessing...but then we'd have to make sure we're rendering it correctly everywhere20:43
holmanbfalcojr: adding an on-link option to our network configs wouldn't solve the config drive case, right?22:23
falcojrwell you'd need updated metadata then22:25
holmanbfalcojr: making sure we're on the same page: by updated metadata you mean we'd need openstack to update the metadata format they send?22:36
holmanbI think guessing would probably work for configdrive -> netplan.22:59
holmanbNot sure what to suggest for alpine though.23:00
holmanbminimal: think ifupdown-ng would take a PR adding onlink to gateways for compatibility?23:04
holmanbhere maybe? https://github.com/ifupdown-ng/ifupdown-ng/blob/34753136b86d5b1d5df2b60b22f1bfac16f28416/executor-scripts/linux/static#L3623:05
minimalholmanb: you mean in generic, rather than triggered by some /e/n/i option?23:36

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