gilbahatHi dear mirror managers, I am getting a random error of 'unable to locate package jq' on freshly spun AWS instances using archive.ubuntu.com, it's a main package for jammy so this is really unexpected. it also happens for some runs (this happens with packer in our CI) and for some does not.09:41
sajoupagilbahat: Hi, in which region is this happening ?09:48
sajoupaisn't the instance using us-east-2.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com (which should be the default) ?09:51
gilbahatthe apt-get update log shows archive.ubuntu.com. that might be anomalous, let me double-check my packer manifest09:51
gilbahat  source_ami_filter {09:54
gilbahat    filters = {09:54
gilbahat      name                = "ubuntu/images/*ubuntu-jammy-22.04-amd64-server-*"09:54
gilbahat      root-device-type    = "ebs"09:54
gilbahat      virtualization-type = "hvm"09:54
gilbahat    }09:54
gilbahat    most_recent = true09:54
gilbahat    owners      = ["099720109477"]09:54
gilbahat  }09:54
gilbahatnothing fancy here.09:54
gilbahatI just ran it again and this time it used the right mirror and indeed there was no error. perhaps the erroneous runs are the ones when an incorrect DNS answer is received.09:54
gilbahatperhaps the AWS IP database isn't up to date and some regions aren't being picked up as 'in AWS'?11:11
gilbahatIP ranges11:11
gilbahatI have an idea - if there's a list of all http mirrors, I could write a simple script to test all of them for missing jq in the Packages.xz file11:14
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