davefIs it considered cheating when I use a GPT AI chatbot to write PowerShell and Autounattend.xml snippets for me? :) 19:30
zxmpiif they work yes, if they fail spectacularly also yes :-P19:40
davefThey're not perfect. Requires a bit of editing. Is that allowed? 19:58
zxmpii dunno, does gpt get half your pay? :-P20:29
davefit wishes20:40
davefI've learned more about the Windows installation process than I ever cared to. Sucks to be me, having to create a unattended install for a Windows client that will never be a member of a domain, yet have a ton of cloud stuff installed for remote management. 20:42
zxmpii haven't had to write a windows installer since 2010ish. i feel so clean :-)21:00
davefYeah, well.. when you're hired as IT guy with no staff and no automated computer build process, gotta make these things happen.21:04

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