OvenWerksthe partition manager doesn't open corectly in wayland either, the password box is below the main window :P17:24
OvenWerksmuon gets this correct, so I would guess this is a partition manager bug.17:39
OvenWerksmuon doesn't, however, show all packages that are installed :P 17:46
EickmeyerOvenWerks: 22.10?18:00
OvenWerksOh and this is with wayland, it works fine in X18:11
EickmeyerYeah, there's part of the problem. The KDE people will fix bugs but don't backport their bugfixes into their own LTS version (5.24) typically because the technical debt is astronomical.18:12
EickmeyerAlso, make sure you have Kubuntu Backports enabled for the latest bugfixes sooner because getting the entire thing SRU'd is next-level. ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports18:13
EickmeyerWayland is working much better in 5.26 (22.10 with backports or Lunar)18:14
OvenWerksre qt designer, the version available is qt6 but the libs and modules are all qt5?18:18
EickmeyerDepends on where you're getting qt designer.18:19
OvenWerksubuntu repos?18:19
OvenWerksI want to use pyqt18:20
EickmeyerWell, that looks like it, I would assume you can use qtdesigner6 to build qt5, but everything is moving to qt6 anyhow, which isn't that much of a jump.18:21
EickmeyerI wouldn't use the libs in 22.04 to make anything since everything is in transition. Qt6 is in 22.10 and newer.18:23
OvenWerksso I should upgrade then18:26
EickmeyerWell, you've always been the type to want to stay on the LTS, but it seems that your use case has changed a lot.18:27
OvenWerksit is not obvious how to do that.... gui wise18:27
EickmeyerWell, now it should be easier. go to software sources and change it to regular releases. You should get a popup on the next restart that tells you that 22.10 is out.18:28
OvenWerksfor this machine, it would not hurt. I would like to keep my home intact18:28
OvenWerkssoftware sources is where?18:28
EickmeyerShould be in the menu, just search for it.18:29
EickmeyerAssuming you have backports enabled.18:29
OvenWerksI thought I did, but not... have to wait for all the updating from adding the kubuntu BP18:30
EickmeyerOh, I meant our backports.18:31
OvenWerksYup, but there were well over 200 packages from the kubuntu one... it takes time :)18:31
EickmeyerAH, gotcha.18:32
OvenWerkswhat took kit is installer?18:34
OvenWerksit uses a tiny font :P18:35
Eickmeyerubuntustudio-installer or the system installer (Calamares)?18:36
Eickmeyerubuntustudio-installer is just tk/tcl. :P18:37
EickmeyerThe system installer is Qt.18:37
OvenWerksso tcl needs to find out what the system font is and use it.18:38
OvenWerks54 more updates18:41
OvenWerksremoving liquorix does not call the right things... I ended up with a grub that had only windows and bios  :P put install image in download boot-repair at least I am abl;e to boot but the extra oem kernel does not show.20:15
* OvenWerks will worry about that after the upgrade to 22.1020:16
OvenWerksThe ETA of which is jumping from 47 minutes left to several days...20:16
OvenWerksjust over half way through the fetch part20:17
EickmeyerYou might have to remove ubuntustudio-lowlatency-settings because it only recognizes generic and lowlatency.20:18
OvenWerksYeah I had to do that for liquorix. The boot repair probably did a chmod +x to 09-* in the grub dir.20:19
OvenWerksbut it seems everything works on this kernel this time. So maybe I won't need it.20:21
EickmeyerWell, that's good.20:21
OvenWerksI can't remember which thing it was that required the upgrade... but waydroid works, touch pad works, touchscreen works.20:24
EickmeyerI think it was your touchscreen? It needed a newer kernel.20:25
EickmeyerIt needed 6.0. 22.10 has kernel 5.19 which should be good enough as it's just one step down from 6.0./20:25
OvenWerksit is working right now on 5.15... maybe somethin g to do with wayland?21:02
OvenWerksthe camera doesn't work it seems but it seems that it does in similar models that have a Fn key (multimedia key) that turns the camera on and off.21:03
OvenWerksI suspect that means there is a signal that needs to be sent to the camera to turn it on via software.21:05
EickmeyerThat might be it, Wayland (and libinput) are where the touchscreen support is.21:05
OvenWerksbut no one seems to have figured out what that is or has sugested that might be the case21:05
OvenWerksit says about 3 min to boot.21:06
EickmeyerThat seems excessive.21:07
EickmeyerOh, that's valid then and makes more sense.21:19
sndsystemd-analyze blame21:30
snd^ helps to see which service takes long to boot21:32
Eickmeyersnd: I think he was upgrading his machine 22.04 > 22.10 which explains the 3 mins.21:46

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