soidHola como puedo actualizar xubuntu 20.04 a 22.04 sin formatear ni perder mi infrormacion??01:44
Roberalz[m]<soid> "Hola como puedo actualizar..." <- sudo do-release-upgrade 01:56
soidy no piedo nada??01:57
Roberalz[m]No 01:57
soidgracias, y es recomendable eliminar snap para disminuir el consumo de recursos01:58
Roberalz[m]Pero haz copia de seguridad por si acaso, de todas formas  este canal es en inglés... 01:58
xu-help72wHi, can someone tell me how to download xubuntu 18.04 32 bit porfavor?01:59
Roberalz[m]soid: Se puede hacer01:59
Roberalz[m]xu-help72w: Is out of support01:59
soidthanks, whats channel is in Spanish?02:00
xu-help72wThank you! Is that page safe?02:00
Roberalz[m]All other support channel in spanish are in #ubuntu-es 02:01
soidand xubuntu-es exist?02:02
Roberalz[m]xu-help72w: Is the official download Page, but remember, official support is 3 years and 18.04 is out of support02:03
soidor ubuntu-es nothing else?02:03
xu-help72wAm I wrong or is that the last 32 bit version of Xubuntu?02:04
Roberalz[m]The last lts02:04
xu-irc43wWhat´s the issue with using an unsupported version of Xubuntu?02:08
arraybolt3xu-irc43w: You don't get any more security updates or bug fixes, which leaves you open to possible malware, and also makes it so that software gradually stops working as newer data stops working with the older software (for instance, the web browser will start not working for some sites as time goes on).02:09
arraybolt3xu-irc43w: If you want to keep using a 32-bit system, I'd recommend installing Debian with XFCE. There's even a pre-existing version of Debian with XFCE created by some of the Xubuntu Developers, Xebian. It still supports 32-bit and is similar to Xubuntu.02:10
arraybolt3https://xebian.org/download/pending/ (be warned that this is based on Debian Sid and may be unstable since Debian Sid itself is unstable - you can use Debian Stable and simply install the XFCE desktop environment during the installation if you don't want that.)02:11
Roberalz[m]Yes, debian with xfce is better option for me too02:11
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lorn1975anyone here on wechat 09:26
lorn1975it is not even possible to sign up onto a Wechat09:51
gnrplorn1975: Wechat?09:59
lorn1975yes wechat the chat app 10:13
lorn1975can not even register it asks to have a friend with the same app to help with scanning QR code to register account can not do it by yourself10:13
lorn1975but i guess here is the wrong channel to talk about it10:14
gnrpprobably yes ;)10:15
lorn1975i know what You were going to say 10:15
gnrpI just wasn't sure if you were talking about wechat or weechat10:15
lorn1975its called Wechat10:16
lorn1975so no wechat not a weechat10:16
lorn1975wechat by chineese republic of people LOL10:16
lorn1975what a jokers10:17
lorn1975i am using here Xchat on RPI4 and Hexchat on Xubuntu but tried to install Wechat on Imac and can not wont accept the QR code10:19
lorn1975i mean its a joke or what to ask to scan the QR code to sign into the app or to register for the account and then nothing happens after the QR code scanned still not able to log in into the app10:21
lorn1975their security protocols LOL10:22
lorn1975and i can not use the app10:22
lorn1975they want You to have a friend handy and i dont got one10:26
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alloyany idea why "Do Not Show This Message Again" does nothing on my machine?  just a niggle :)13:39
alloy(the message goes, but then it's "shown again")13:39
diogenes_Vx15alloy: what message?13:44
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lucasomourahello, can anyone help me?13:54
diogenes_Vx15!ask , lucasomoura: 13:57
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:58
lucasomouraIn the Xubuntu installation, we have the slideshow.13:58
lucasomouraCan you tell me where they are located?13:58
alloydiogenes_Vx15: when anything happens regarding the network, eg wifi, lan or vpn connect, networkmanager gives a notification, I've got popups in my top right corner for example.  the only button on it sayd "do not show this message again" - which is great, if I plug into my lan I don't need to know, but if it's an unexpected network event I really do! so turning them off altogether is worse.14:35
alloyjust trying to iron out the quirks in my new year build :)  nothing major.14:35
alloyweird though, I'm thinking it wants to write somewhere the permissions aren't right14:36
alloylucasomoura: that's an interesting question14:37
alloyif you want to film it you can screen record the install in a vm14:38
alloyI've found that handy14:38
alloylucasomoura: I guess the ultimate answer would be github14:39
lucasomouraalloy I'm trying to create a custom installation of XUBUNTU14:42
lucasomouraon UBUNTU I found that the slideshow is in the pool\main\ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu folder14:42
lucasomouraBut in XUBUNTU this location does not exist14:42
alloyis there a ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu directory anywhere?  seems a pretty specific thing to search for, plocate or whatever :shrug:14:44
alloyit's not like you're hunting a bin folder lol :D14:45
alloyI'll have a look...14:46
lucasomouraI looked all over the installation ISO, I didn't find anything similar, it must be under another name14:46
alloywhat about for all image files?14:46
lucasomouraI found everything that had an image and managed to edit it, the only thing missing was the slideshow, which are actually HTML pages14:47
alloylucasomoura: +1 for creating custom distro 14:47
alloythe img tags in the html tell you anything?14:48
alloyoh wait14:48
lucasomourathat's the problem, I didn't find anywhere that I have html pages14:48
alloyso you have the image location, but not where they're called from? :D14:49
alloyhang on, I'll get the iso, what is it? (link would be handy)14:50
lucasomourano, there are other images in the installation, none that have anything to do with the slideshow14:50
alloymaybe they compiled the html into the c haha14:50
alloyah so images but NOT them also14:50
alloyso slideshow nada14:51
alloylike I need to know what ubuntu and better still what iso14:51
alloypls :)14:52

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