minimalholmanb: I'll build a modified ifupdown-ng for Alpine with that change and test it out00:18
holmanbYeah in general 00:47
holmanbI would assume compatibility is one goal of -ng?00:48
minimalholmanb: yes ifupdown-ng is intended to be backward compatible for use by both Alpine and Debian00:52
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meenaaciba: what time zone do you live / work in? 10:14
meenaI feel like I've asked this before10:18
acibameena: UTC/GMT +110:22
acibawhat about you?10:23
meenaaciba: I'm in Ireland, so apparently that's UTC now.14:13
* meena whispers abolish DST14:14
lesbrazis it here that bug 2000596 was discussed?16:49
-ubottu:#cloud-init- Bug 2000596 in cloud-init "Netplan: Improve support for directly (on-link) connected gateways" [Undecided, In Progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/200059616:49
lesbrazthe report mentions discussion on irc16:50
holmanbhi lesbraz o/16:50
holmanbyou're in the right place16:50
holmanblesbraz: if you want to catch up on the conversation from yesterday, here is the log https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2023/01/03/%23cloud-init.txt16:53
minimalmeena: that mock change I made in the ca_certs testcases for FreeBSD didn't actually work (I'd forgotten I'd temporarily disabled FreeBSD in that module)22:13
meenaminimal: show me the patch set again, please23:07
minimal+        if distro_name == 'freebsd':23:17
minimal+            mock.patch(23:17
minimal+                "cloudinit.distros.networking.subp.subp",23:17
minimal+                return_value=("", None),23:17
minimal+            )23:17
minimaladded to the _mock_init function of test_cc_ca_certs.py23:17
lesbrazholmanb: thanks a lot, i wondered where the logs were, i'll read up on it at work tomorrow :)23:42
meenaminimal: and why does that not fire?23:57

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