guivercI'm not sure it would impact the snap version at all as it runs confined, I suspect it only impacts deb/rpm or non-confined based firefox but that's my limited understanding of report00:00
guiverc(reading bugzilla report it mentions ESR & non-snap products that I see; eg. debian's firefox; maybe older releases of Ubuntu/Kubuntu too that don't use snap by default)00:01
Guest1ty mate00:02
Guest1Kubuntu's snaps?00:02
guivercAll Ubuntu flavors (inc. Kubuntu) use the Mozilla packaged snap of firefox in recent releases; Mozilla requested snap as it was easier for them to maintain; Ubuntu used it first, flavors followed a release later00:03
guivercnot the latest, but if you jump to end of https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/jammy/daily-live/current/jammy-desktop-amd64.manifest you'll note the snap import in Kubuntu's jammy seed00:04
guiverc(the only snap is firefox; the other packages required by firefox snap)00:05
guivercsorry, I used a manifest but referred to it as seed; here's the seed - https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/seeds/kubuntu.jammy/desktop  (if you prefer seed as I mentioned in my description)00:09
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IrcsomeBot<amanajosh> Hi03:41
IrcsomeBot<amanajosh> Let me ask: are the software like 4K video downloader, itubego etc have a Linux version?03:41
IrcsomeBot<amanajosh> In other words, if I want to download a YouTube or Vimeo video, what do I use?03:41
mybalzitchthere's youtube-dl03:56
mybalzitchor was anyway03:56
mybalzitchand you can always try your windows apps with wine under linux03:57
user|47how to setup a secomd monitor in kubuntu04:03
geniiSettings..Hardware.. Displays and Monitor04:14
IrcsomeBot<Heberthtr> OVTL04:49
IrcsomeBot<Heberthtr> 0VTL04:49
Kangarooohow KDE here in video shows 500mb ram? i just installed and have 1.1 gb ram https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMWstEuMYaU04:55
Kangarooolubuntu 408mb i just got on usb boot04:56
Kangarooois this fake video?04:57
arraybolt3Kangarooo: Or maybe an older version of Kubuntu>04:57
Kangarooothen i want that version arraybolt304:58
Kangarooohere also in https://www.facebook.com/groups/lightweight.linux/posts/4750403885007949/04:58
Kangarooo534 MB - KDE Neon 20211007 (Ubuntu)04:58
Kangarooolatest version 2x more- 1.1 gb ram04:59
arraybolt3Kangarooo: Yeah, you can tell by the wallpaper he's using an older version of KDE.04:59
mybalzitchunused ram is wasted ram05:23
Kangaroooi have only 2 gb ram on this one old computer with 2 slot 1gb each sodim ddr2 mybalzitch05:25
Kangarooowhat made ram go up?05:25
IrcsomeBot<Gecko250> I'm using Firefox 102 (ESR) and am I  vulnerable to the attack as well? (re @IrcsomeBot: <Guest1> An attacker who compromised a content process could have partially escaped the sandbox to read arbitrary files via clipboard-related IPC messages.)06:13
IrcsomeBot<Gecko250> it's a deb package here not snap06:13
IrcsomeBot<Gecko250> Oh NVM it’s patched for ESR as well06:49
IrcsomeBot<a_k_s_27> Hello everyone,09:30
IrcsomeBot<a_k_s_27> I kind of figured out the reason for this issue by myself09:30
IrcsomeBot<a_k_s_27> It seems that it is happening due to nvm which is used to install multiple versions of node js side by side, I repeated the installation of chromium browsers and then installing node js via nvm in virtual box and got the same issue of .pdf extension files not opening in them (re @a_k_s_27: )09:30
IrcsomeBot<Joana Raquel> Hello everyone09:57
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IrcsomeBot<Gecko250> Hello my Konsole settings might have lost some tool options which usually shows by default. How do I bring it back? : https://irc-attachments.kde.org/f0bbf987/file_62599.jpg10:59
IrcsomeBot<Gecko250> There’re 7 different options like here for demonstration ie File, Edit, View ….. : https://irc-attachments.kde.org/14729fbd/file_62600.jpg11:01
BluesKajHi all13:38
administrator_on 22.04.1 with linux 5.15.0 x86_64 and dmraid  1.0.0.rc16 I am stuck in initramfs until I type dmraid -ay && exit manually, like in https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1155102 how can this be fixed or automated? for example if you could add this custom step to initramfs somehow?15:08
bootmenothi, i do need someone for advise me on partitioning for dual boot18:59
bootmenotkubuntu / windows19:00
bootmenotwould you mind if i send you the actual table which exists with efi partition, windows and a free space which i'd format to ext4 -> kubuntu?19:01
bootmenotbtw where should i upload the screenpic?19:01
bootmenotfor the table19:01
alkisgHmmm, anyway just use imgur.com or some similar site19:10
alkisgOr if you boot with an Ubuntu live USB stick, you can use this instead: sudo fdisk -l | nc termbin.com 999919:11
bootmenotit is clearly /dev/nvme0n1p5 which I would install ubuntu on, but the other partitions are all created by windows. i shrinked a partition to get free space for ubuntu19:14
alkisgAnd what's the exact question?19:14
bootmenoti dont know if i put my computer at risk if it writes, as suggested, a bootloader on /dev/nvme0n119:14
bootmenotum sorry, the installer suggested to install the bootloader on /dev/nvme0n1p119:15
alkisgIt's OK, go ahead and say yes19:15
alkisgThere's no "boot code" in MBR etc in UEFI19:15
bootmenotits okay for both?19:16
alkisgEh, wait, /dev/nvme0n1p1?19:16
alkisgAre you sure about the p1 part?19:16
bootmenotnope, it was the first one19:16
alkisgWhat do you have in the /dev/nvme0n1p1 partition?19:16
bootmenotim kind of unsure because the boot process is called "hp sure boot"19:17
bootmenoti think it checks for something but I did not understand for what19:17
bootmenotalkisg it is a partition used by windows19:17
bootmenoti just resettet / reinstalled the system, did not touch any of them.19:17
alkisgDo you mean "secure boot"?19:17
alkisgUbuntu is compatible with secure boot19:17
alkisgHmm no google actually says "HP sure boot" exist. It's the first time I hear about this19:18
bootmenotno, it is something hp ships with its computers19:18
alkisgOK then all bets are off, vendors can screw up things big time :D19:18
bootmenothahah :D19:18
alkisgIf you have a terminal, try to mount the first partition and see what's inside it19:19
bootmenotit is called "hp sure start". awkward it is, isnt it19:19
bootmenotyeah ill do19:19
bootmenotwill you be around in about 1 hour? gotta do sth19:19
bootmenotthx for your ideas until then19:19
alkisgYeh I got a lot of work, I think I'll be around for a few hours :)19:20
bootmenotok ok, thank you19:20
R13osemmikowski: I'm coming back to tell you that my battery indicator says 99% now.22:42

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