jelmercjwatson , jugmac00 : what version of Breezy is Launchpad on nowadays? We're going to drop support for 3.2 early since the CI environment we were using is going away.11:54
cjwatsonjelmer: https://git.launchpad.net/launchpad/tree/requirements/launchpad.txt → 3.2.012:10
cjwatsonjelmer: We can't upgrade past that yet since we're still on Python 3.5, unfortunately12:11
jelmerAh :(12:21
jelmer(3.2.3 is out FWIW, although I don't recall any specific improvements since 3.2.0 that would be relevant to Launchpad)12:21
cjwatsonjelmer: 3.2.1 accidentally dropped support for 3.5 though12:28
cjwatson(stray uses of variable annotations IIRC)12:28
jelmerAh, that was unintended12:40
jelmerunfortunately that's kind of connected - our CI story isn't great today12:41
cjwatsonjelmer: I think in practice this means it doesn't very much matter if you drop support for 3.2 early since for our purposes you inadvertently already did12:58

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