voidDidn't think I would find remaining active IRC channels haha00:16
lordievaderGood morning. Happy new year all.07:06
cartdrigehey, happy nubuntu year.07:07
cartdrigeguess why the pope can't use ubuntu? ....Because they don't explain what it is in his book.07:16
marcoagpintostill one year for 24.04 :((((((((14:15
marcoagpinto"how can I go on?"14:16
lotuspsychjefew weeks after 23.10 release you can help debug daily 24.04's marcoagpinto 14:20
marcoagpintolotuspsychje: I am very sad with launchpad14:21
marcoagpintothey take years to reply to my suggestions and then say they won't implement/fix14:21
lotuspsychjethats not launchpad's fault14:21
lotuspsychjesome bugs/wishes get solved, some don't thats life!14:22
daftykinsmarcoagpinto: well they can't afford a coca-cola with every download, it'd bankrupt them!14:22
-ubottu:#ubuntu-discuss- Launchpad bug 1860899 in Nautilus "Add extra information to tabs in folders" [Unknown, Fix Released]14:22
marcoagpintoafter 3 years they said it won't be implemented14:22
marcoagpintoit is the second or third time this happens14:23
marcoagpintoit is very depressing14:24
lotuspsychjemarcoagpinto: your idea was a wishlist, not really a critical bug14:25
marcoagpintobut it was a very good wish14:25
lotuspsychjemarcoagpinto: you cant expect every wishlist to come true for every user wishing14:25
marcoagpintoyes, you are right :p14:25
leftyfbit's also a feature that should be added by upstream, not ubunut 14:27
lotuspsychjemarcoagpinto: we also dont know the future of nautilus, new features will come on higher versions, maybe something you might like14:27
daftykinsin the meantime you can grab mediainfo, much better output than just a res in file properties on either Windows or Linux14:31

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